Treasure of Doom

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As the crew of Davy Jones got to the island. Barbossa and his crew waited for a while and then followed them. The island looked like no ordinary island. It looked deserted and cold not even a single life form could be seen, not even the sound of insects could be heard, weird trees grew in it. Green moss grew everywhere. "This island looks sick" Lisa said under her breath. They walked for about an hour until they found the entrance to the treasure cave. "I just can't belief Will have hidden the key here" Lisa whispered. "He's different" Barbossa smirked.

Jack sparrow was looking for the treasure of doom only because he needed his compass. His compass, he lost a decade ago to a pirate named 'black beard'. Black beard needed the compass to find the treasure of doom, to get his hands upon a key which will open the way to 'the fountain of youth' but during his search black beard lost the compass among the treasure and he never found the key. Jack needed the compass back and calypso needed the key to the fountain of youth, so that she can bargain with black beard. Calypso is an ancient goddess of the sea but the pirate lords trapped her in a human form, she wants to be free and because of that she needs to bargain with all the pirate lords. She tried to get everything that the pirate lords needed most in order to lure them to set her free.

As for Davy Jones he needs the key to the chest so that he can be the captain of the Flying Dutchmen. Barbossa was only there to stop Davy Jones because he didn't want jones to take over the sea once more. Lisa was the only one in the journey without a proper cause she just got involved in it. As they walked into the cave Barbossa and his crew hided behind some rocks and watched Davy Jones and his crew search for the key to the chest. "How are we ever going to find the key in this pile of treasures?" Lisa asked. "That I can't tell you" Barbossa said.

The treasure was known as the treasure of doom because a man can only claim one thing that he needed most, if he claim something else then he would be doomed for eternity. "So you, me and jones search for the key of the chest. Who will claim it lets see" Lisa gasped. After a long search jack sparrow found his compass he secretly put the compass on his pocket. "So even Barbossa is here" jones laughed when he and his crew were brought forward by jones crew with swords pointing on them. "Never knew you had back up" Barbossa said.

"What are you doing here?" Jack whispered to Lisa. "Long story don't ask" Lisa whispered as her eyes searched the treasure. To Lisa's luck the key to the chest appeared right before her eyes, it was under her foot. "You really wanted it I see" jack smirked. Lisa quickly picked up the key and hided it. Barbossa saw Lisa picking up the key, he signaled his crew and from there on a pirate battle began. Calypso and Lisa escaped from the cave. "I didn't find the key to the fountain" calypso hissed as they raced towards the boat. "Forget about the key we just need to head back to the black pearl now, the others will follow" Lisa yelled as they ran faster.

"You found the key to the chest" calypso looked at Lisa. "Yes I did" Lisa gave a sigh of relief. "There's something about you Lisa, some people spend their lifetime searching for what they want in the treasure of doom and you just found it in a wink" calypso looked at Lisa. "I guess because that's what I really want" Lisa said. "And because your heart is pure" calypso smiled. As they got into the black pearl Barbossa, jack and the crew followed and in no time they were sailing the seas again.

"A good team aren't we savvy" jack looked at Barbossa. "I should have left you on that cave" Barbossa looked away. Jack hugged Lisa. "I've missed you" he smiled. "Shut up! you tried to send me back to Raven hill" Lisa grumbled. "I was trying to protect you but I see now you don't need protection" he giggled. "Yes! I don't stupid" she murmured. "So where are we going?" Lisa questioned. "We are going to shipwreck cove" Barbossa replied. "But why?" Lisa asked. "Because if Davy Jones have returned the pirate lords need to send him back to his doom.....before he doom us all" Barbossa smirked.

The shipwreck cove was a fortress where the pirate lords meet once every 10years for a council. "How many pirate lords are there?" Lisa questioned. "There are nine" Barbossa looked at her. "Who is the head of the pirate lords?" Lisa asked. "Still now there is none" Barbossa murmured. They sailed for days until they reached shipwreck cove. Lanterns covered the Island, it was a fortress on its own. Weapons and ships from every nation were on its dock. Lisa looked around in amazement.

Barbossa, calypso, jack and Lisa entered the council. "Who is she? An outsider is not allowed in the council" a tall man stood up. "She is Lisa the fiancé of George Philip and she's not an outsider, she's the lady who went to the treasure of doom and found the key to the chest of William turner in a wink. She's not any ordinary human" Barbossa folded his arms. Everyone looked at Lisa in suspense. Lisa didn't like the strange look she got closer to jack. "Don't be afraid my love they won't harm you, they are just surprised by you" jack whispered.

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