The Royal Navy

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"I'm just stabbed Davy Jones heart and claimed the Flying Dutchmen, then how Davy Jones didn't die and he's back once more to re-claim the ship?" Lisa asked. "When I stabbed his heart, he fell into the worlds end.....but death didn't come to him because calypso gave him a new life" Will gasped. "What? But why? I thought she's on our side" Lisa jaws dropped.

"Once upon a time Davy Jones and calypso were in love, she made him the first captain of the Flying Dutchmen. After I stabbed his heart calypso gave him another life but he betrayed her, by binding her up in her human form with the help of the pirate lords because when the battle began she wasn't there to help him out and that's how he lost the Flying Dutchmen and so after this jones and calypso became rivals instead of lovers".

"I don't know what's really happening but I just hope we won't get betrayed by calypso" Lisa gasped. The black pearl was now out of the worlds end and into the sea once more, the Flying Dutchmen also came out of the worlds end hunting for the black pearl. But Davy Jones was a cunning man he knew if he sail on the sea the Flying Dutchmen will surely catch him, so he decided to head for land and hide the chest somewhere safe until he gets the key. As the Flying Dutchmen sailed the sea the Royal Navy surrounded them. "Lisa you are coming with me" Lisa father called as soon as he spot Lisa on the ship deck.

"I'm dead" Lisa gasped. "You can't take her away, she's king" Barbossa yelled. "I didn't ask for your permission" George took out his sword. "No need for another war out here, I'll go with you" Lisa walked forward. "Jack sparrow comes with us too" George looked at jack. "What? What did I do?" Jack questioned. "It's because of you all these mess happened" George hissed. "What about Will and Barbossa?" Jack looked at George. "Will is the captain of the Dutchmen, we can't prison him and Barbossa is not guilty" George said.

"Please come and save me before they court me" Lisa looked at Barbossa. Barbossa nodded his head. Lisa looked at Will she wanted to give him the key but Will gave her a look, she knew what look was it. She can't show the key to the Royal Navy or they would snatch it away. Before she left for the ship Will called  her name as she turned back, he kept his right hand on his chest she didn't say a word and just left but she knew what he meant to say it meant 'I love you'.

"From now on I don't want to hear the words sea or pirates from your mouth" Lisa father yelled. "But father I'm the king now and I've responsibilities with me" Lisa cried. "King? Don't make me laugh, your no pirate king if people in Raven hill hear about this they will mock you and put you in jail. You must thank god George loves you and is still willing to marry you after all these. Now if you try to act smart I'll smack you" Lisa father walked away.

They rowed for days until they reached Raven hill. Lisa was in sorrow and tears she hated the adventure when she was on, when she was in the worlds end but now she wished to be there instead of going back to Raven hill. As for Will and his crew they didn't go after Lisa because Will didn't want to fight the Royal Navy and especially Lisa's father. But he made up his mind to save her from the wedding once she reached Raven hill. "You should hunt for Davy Jones and the chest. I'll go to Raven hill and bring back the lady" Barbossa said.

"Yes that would be a good idea but beware, don't be seen and look out for Davy Jones he too might be heading to Raven hill because the lady is there" Will gasped. Will wanted to go and save the lady but he cannot step on land for the next ten years, he regretted the life as the captain of the Flying Dutchmen.

As Lisa stepped foot on Raven hill the people rejoiced no one knew what exactly happened but they all thought jack sparrow kidnapped her and they cursed him. Jack sparrow was jailed once more but now in the dungeons. "After all that has happened, I'll still keep my word and I'll court you" George said to Lisa as he walked away. Lisa's father told everything that Lisa has been through to her mother. Her mother couldn't be more angry and disappointed at Lisa. "From now on you will be locked inside the house until the marriage, I can't let you shame our family's name" Lisa mother said in anguish.

"Can't belief I'm a prisoner in my own house" Lisa grumbled as Ciara walked in. Ciara is the younger sister of Lisa after Ciara there's Josh, Cody and the youngest of all was Sara. "But you shouldn't have done what you did" Ciara gasped. "You don't know anything Ciara and how alive I was at the sea, you are my sister you know me well. You know how much I loved the sea and adventures" Lisa folded her arms. "I know sis but we all just want you to be fine" Ciara smiled. "Can you keep a secret?" Lisa looked at Ciara as Ciara nodded Lisa told Ciara all about her adventure in the sea, Ciara listen to her elder sis in awe. Lisa did experience life Ciara thought.

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