The sea

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"I'm tired" Lisa yawned as she stopped rowing. "I hope we find a ship soon" sparrow stood up looking far from his telescope. In the meantime at Raven hill, jack sparrow disappearance have brought fears in the hearts of the people and when Lisa was missing too they thought she was kidnapped by the pirate who took her to the sea. A search party was sent out to look for them. Even George Philip along with his crew went out searching for the two.

"My poor daughter" Lisa mom cried as George left searching for Lisa. Lisa and jack halted in front of a huge ship. "They are from Singapore" jack said as they got into the ship. "Hi! jack sparrow" the caption of the ship smirked. "You know them?" Lisa asked. "'s a long story" jack gulped. "So whose the lady?" The captain came forward. "The fiancé of George Philip" jack said. "Interesting" the captain grinned.

"Where is the captain taking us?" Lisa asked. "Singapore" jack said. Lisa didn't know where Singapore was but she didn't care as long as it's far away from Raven hill. Lisa noticed that she was the only lady on the ship and that was creepy but she didn't care. She made a new friend on the ship known as Jackie. Jackie was from Singapore he was 25. He told Lisa of how Singapore really was and helped her know more about the sea. Lisa found the sea more than interesting. She found it calming and comforting.

"When are we reaching Singapore it's been days?" Lisa asked as she lost track of time. "We will soon but I tell you after this I'll get my pearl back" jack smirked. "You meant your ship? But you told me it was lost" Lisa said. "I heard its in Singapore, I'll reclaim it" jack smiled. "You won't leave me will you?" Lisa asked. "No! I won't" he smiled. Jack sparrow have found a new attachment in Lisa, he never wanted to part from her. He wished that she would sail with him forever.

After a long and tiresome journey of months they reached Singapore. As they got down from the ship. Lisa couldn't belief her eyes it was so different from Raven hill. The people, the market, the surroundings. Lisa was in love with the new world. They went to an inn. "What would you like to drink?" Jackie asked. "I don't drink" Lisa smiled. As she looked around Everyone was drinking and enjoying. She was tired she wanted to go to sleep but she didn't know where to go, she looked for Jack and she saw him talking to a man.

"Jack I'm tired" Lisa said as she stood next to him. "Oh yes you can sleep in the next inn" jack smiled. "I've no money" Lisa grumbled. At that time the man jack was talking to turned and looked at her "And who are you my lady?" He asked. "I'm Lisa" she smiled. "You look English" he smirked. "Yes I'm" she said. "I'm mr Gibbs by the way" he shook her hand. "Nice to meet you Gibbs" she smiled. "Can you lend me some money I've to go and sleep" Lisa looked at jack.

"My friend out here is broke" Gibbs laughed. "Anyways take this" Gibbs smiled as he gave her a pouch of coins. "I can't take it I'm sorry" Lisa said. "Please have it, it would be my pleasure jack is an old friend" Gibbs smiled. "Yes take it, Gibbs and I are more like brothers" jack laughed as he had a mug of rum. "Okay thank you. I'll be moving then I'm so tired see you guys tomorrow" Lisa smiled as she left.

"Who is she and from where is she?" Gibbs asked. "From Raven hill she wanted to come with me so I brought her along" jack murmured. Gibbs knew that jack didn't tell him the full truth because such a young lady wouldn't come to Singapore from Raven hill without any reason. Gibbs decided he would find out on his own.

The next morning Lisa woke up refreshed. She decided to go on a stroll. She was looking around the market when Gibbs ran up to her. "Good morning! I hope you slept well" he smiled. "Yes, I did all thanks to you" she smiled back. "So I heard your from Raven hill what's your story?" Gibbs asked. Lisa told him everything she didn't want to lie about her life to the person who gave her money. She owes him she thought. Gibbs looked down on Lisa's finger and saw her engagement ring, it was a diamond ring. Gibbs knew George and he knew George was a wealthy man. Gibbs came across George on his travels a couple of times.

But Gibbs didn't mention anything he pretended as if he didn't know George. "I belief in love, I don't belief in marrying someone I barely know" Lisa gasped in the end. "I feel you. I do the same" Gibbs smiled. "I was looking everywhere for you" jack yelled as he came forward. "I'm sorry.....I totally forgot" Lisa said. "Where are you two going?" Gibbs asked. "I'm going to claim the black pearl" jack smirked. "You mean steal it don't you" Gibbs laughed.

"Wait here and if you hear my whistle come to the dock I'll be waiting for you" jack said. "You serious are you planning to live on the sea with jack?" Gibbs looked at Lisa. "He's the only family I've" Lisa smirked. "You don't know the dangers that awaits" Gibbs said. "I don't care about the dangers the only danger in my life right now is George" Lisa laughed.

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