The flying Dutchmen

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"I'm thankful I should say that you chose me. I hate being a prisoner" calypso looked at Lisa. "I had to, we are lost aren't we?" Lisa gasped. "Maybe or maybe not" calypso giggled. As the day light came they were still floating on the sea. No sign of a ship, a boat or an island. "I'm so hungry" Lisa grumbled as the sun began to set. "You humans" calypso laughed. Lisa heard that calypso was not a human but she didn't belief it until now. She didn't even have a sip of water or grumble a bit that they were lost.

As darkness returned Lisa was freezing. "It's cold" she said as she wrapped herself up with a blanket. But to their ill luck it started to rain and storm. Lisa was terrified the storm was strong and powerful it was consuming their little boat. She and calypso tried their best to fight the storm. As the storm began to calm down a little by midnight. The sky became dark not even a single star was seen. "It's so dark and I'm wet, hungry and freezing" Lisa cried as fogs began to cover them. "Shhhh....this is no ordinary storm" calypso whispered.

Lisa was more terrified. Is the kraken coming she thought as she heard a thundering noise under the sea. She sat next to calypso. The sea was bubbling. Lisa thought she was about to die that very moment when a ship appeared from the bottom of the ocean. "What's that?" Lisa gulped. "The Flying Dutchmen" calypso stood up. After being abandoned at the sea and after fighting the storm now face to face with the ghost ship. Lisa couldn't belief her on going Ill luck.

The ship came near their boat and ropes were thrown into their boat. "Let's climb aboard" calypso called. "What are you out of your mind it's a ghost ship" Lisa said in terror. "It's our only hope, better to be on a ghost ship then drown in a boat" calypso smirked as she climbed up. Lisa had no hope she climbed after calypso. "It's empty" Lisa looked around. "It isn't" calypso smirked. As they got into the ship and the moonlight came Lisa saw figures appearing right in front of her very eyes. They were the ghosts of the Flying Dutchmen. Lisa screamed in terror. "Shut it" a man yelled. The crew looked like men but she's sure they were ghosts because they appeared when the moonlight was upon them.

"Calypso" a man said as he came forward. "Gibbs" Lisa was stunned. "And Lisa too" Gibbs looked at Lisa. She couldn't understand how and from where mr Gibbs ended up in the Flying Dutchmen. "Are you captured?" Lisa asked. "No my lady. I'm part of the crew" he laughed. "What are you a ghost too?" Lisa was terrified. "I'm not a ghost" Gibbs smiled. "Then how are you a part of the crew?" Lisa asked. "When Davy Jones was the captain of the Flying Dutchmen, the crew were not human but after William turner took over the ship the crew are now humans and I'm one of them I joined by my own will" he smiled.

Nothing was making sense to Lisa but she's happy that she met Gibbs and that the Flying Dutchmen was not as scary as it looks. "So you both will be dinning with the captain tonight" a crew member smiled as he offered them clothes. "Is this a good idea?" Lisa asked calypso. "It is, you don't want to disappoint the captain don't you" calypso smirked. "I hate wearing dresses" Lisa grumbled as she wore one. "You look good" calypso chuckled.

As they entered the dinning hall everything was set Lisa was very hungry she can eat the whole table she thought. "So where is the captain?" Lisa grumbled as she grabbed an apple. "You should first wait for the captain before you start" calypso smirked. "I'm dying of hunger out here" Lisa whispered. "My ladies please excuse me for being late" the captain said as he walked in looking at a map. He was a young man tall, handsome and his hair was black he tied it behind. As he sat down on the table he kept the map on his lap "so nice to meet you again calypso" he smiled. "And you are?" He looked at Lisa.

"I'm Lisa" she smiled but he didn't say a word he kept staring at her. After some seconds "I'm sorry. I was quite lost" he smiled. "So Lisa you say, where are you from?" He asked. "Raven hill" she gasped. "You are English I see and I'm William turner but you can call me Will. I'm the captain of the Flying Dutchmen" he shook her hand. Lisa could feel his fingers rubbing hers she quickly moved her hand back on her lap. "Okay let's start" he said. Lisa was so hungry she kept on eating she didn't even care to speak or listen to what calypso and Will were discussing.

Calypso told Will everything she knew about Lisa and she even mentioned that she was the fiancé of George Philip. "A lucky guy I should say" Will gasped as he looked at Lisa. "I know but she ran away from home because she didn't want to marry him" calypso smirked. "That's interesting" Will smiled. After dinner Lisa was standing on the deck of the ship. She was trying to look forward but all she saw was fogs. "Why is it so foggy?" Lisa asked. "Because the Flying Dutchmen is hidden from the world" Will came forward. "I'm sorry. I thought it was calypso" Lisa said as she got down. "I want to have a word with you my lady" Will looked at her. "Sure what's it?" She smiled. "I know your the fiancé of George and you ran away because you didn't want to marry him, may I know the reason behind this act?" He asked as he looked down at her diamond ring.

"George and I belong to different worlds. He's from a wealthy family and I'm not. Everything about us is different and the most important of all, I couldn't spend the rest of my life with someone I barely know, I belief in love and if I don't find it.....I don't mind spending an eternity alone" Lisa said as she left for her room.

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