Raven Hill

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"I see they brought you back" Elizabeth said as she walked into Lisa's room. "Yes, they did and I'm grounded until my marriage day" Lisa grumbled. "I know what you have been up to, your the king of the Pirates now and you hold the key to the chest" Elizabeth sat next to Lisa. "Mrs Philip, I'm so confused. Davy Jones is back he have calypso and the chest, he will come after the key. I've to escape from here" Lisa looked at her. "Davy jones got the chest but how?" Elizabeth jaws dropped. Lisa told Elizabeth everything that happened after she took the chest away from Raven hill.

"Davy jones will return for the key, you have to flee Raven hill it is not a safe place for you anymore" Elizabeth said. "I know that but I'm a prisoner in my own home. On the other hand I've no one who would help me flee" Lisa gasped. "I'll help you but I fear what will happen next there's no one we can trust, who will take you back to William" Elizabeth words heavy. "William? But I don't want to go with him" Lisa was shocked.

"You are safer with William than with anyone else, he's the captain of the Dutchmen don't forget. The only way out now is we need to find a trustable person in Raven hill, who will help you find William" Elizabeth left. "I hope you and Mrs Philip had a warm talk about your wedding, that is to be held next week" Lisa's mother walked in with a tray. "Next week?" Lisa stood up. "Yes, next week your dress is arriving tomorrow" Lisa's mother closed the door behind.

As her dress arrived Lisa went to the Tailor to pick it up with her mother and her sister Ciara. "It doesn't fit me well, I need to refit the waist" Lisa yelled as she got into the dressing room. "Talk to the tailor, we will choose some shoes for you honey" mother yelled back as she and Ciara were busy looking for shoes. This is the right moment Lisa thought as she jumped out from the window into the streets of Raven hill and raced towards the dock. There were hundreds of ships around, she didn't know what to do until she saw some empty barrels she got into one and covered the lid.

The barrels were carried to the ship and thrown in the cellars. "Oh my goodness" Lisa grumbled as she was rolled down into the cellars, she fell dizzy and nauseous. After some minutes the ship began to sail away on the other hand Lisa mother was looking all over for her. She was outraged she knew Lisa escaped by her own will but as night fell upon Raven hill the crew of Davy Jones attacked the town hunting for Lisa, as the key to the chest was with her. A massive battle of swords were fought among Davy Jones crew and the Royal army.

When Lisa were nowhere to be found the crew left Raven hill and back to their ship to inform their captain. Massive men were slain and everyone in raven hill thought Lisa was kidnapped once more by the pirates, everyone was thinking now that Lisa was a bad omen. Lisa's parents tried to play along with the people saying she was kidnapped rather than to admit she fled on her own will. "You shall no longer hunt for the lady" George father James yelled as George set out for the dock.

"But she have been caught father" George yelled back. "That doesn't concern us any more, she was kidnapped once before by Jack and you and your men spend a year on the sea hunting for her and now another kidnapping she's the bringer of ill luck" his father looked at him. "I don't have such dogmatic beliefs like you father. I love her and that's all matter" George looked at him. "You are making a huge mistake son" George father gasped. "You taught me to make the right decision in life father and I'm making the right one" George left.

George knew Lisa had something to do with the Pirates and her being the king of the Pirates but he kept the news hidden from Raven hill and he suspected that Lisa was kidnapped by the crew of Davy Jones for a good reason, not knowing the truth that she fled on her own. George didn't knew that Lisa wasn't interested in him and didn't want to spend her life with him.

Lisa got out of the barrel and began to explore the cellar of the ship. This looks similar she thought as she felt someone stood behind her she turned and saw that it was none other than Jackie. "Jackie" she exclaimed as she hugged him. "Lisa" he hugged her back. "What are you doing here?" He questioned as Lisa told him everything that was happening in and around her. Jackie promised her he would help her out but for now they were heading back to Singapore once more.

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