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Evergreen by that_so_fandom
Evergreenby that_so_fandom
"He was as tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong, able swiftly to draw a great war-bow and shoot down a Nazgûl, endowed with the tremendous vitality of Elvi...
  • legolas
  • lotr
  • imagine
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Orlando Bloom Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Orlando Bloom Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Orlando Bloom and all of his characters' imagines.
  • legolas
  • thehobbit
  • lotr
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The Niece Of Orlando Bloom by the_elven_princess1
The Niece Of Orlando Bloomby the_elven_princess1
everything changes, when Orlando finds himself caring for his niece. The tragic news was brought to him, when he was filming the hobbit, everything changed, no one knew...
  • orlandobloom
  • loss
  • family
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ONLY YOU ☼ will.t by _guccixstyles
ONLY YOU ☼ will.tby ✧ 𝐋 𝐈 𝐋 𝐘 ✧
Rebecca Swann is the younger sister of Elizabeth. On the crossing from England to Port Royal, Rebecca meets a boy. © all rights reserved || _guccixstyles
  • orlandobloom
  • elizabthswann
  • captainjack
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Pirates Of The Caribbean x reader oneshots by TheMiddleElf
Pirates Of The Caribbean x reader...by TheMiddleElf
I noticed there wasn't nearly enough of these in the world. If you would like a specific character or story line comment it and I'll see if I wanna write it ( I probably...
  • johnnydep
  • elizabethswann
  • reader
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Young Love (Will Turner) by bella_parrilla
Young Love (Will Turner)by Bella
A Will Turner love story ~ A flower and a blacksmith were best friends. The young girl fell in love with the young boy. But he thinks he loves another and she is betroth...
  • benbarnes
  • willturner
  • fantasy-romance
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second chance/ Katy Perry and Orlando bloom by LoveLottee
second chance/ Katy Perry and Orla...by Lotte
Your arms opened for a hug and I disappeared in them. I hold you. Your hot muscled body against my poor soft one. Your strong protecting arms around me. I missed you. ''...
  • katy
  • orlandobloom
  • wattys2018
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Delicate (Legolas X Reader) by Wtfauthor
Delicate (Legolas X Reader)by Trash in General
Legolas had just arrived back in Mirkwood, only to find out that he was to be wed. The elleth being (y/n) Aredhel, daughter to Lord and Lady Aredhel-two of the most str...
  • reader
  • rings
  • hobbit
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Euphoria (Legolas Greenleaf imagines) by tswizzlemynizzl
Euphoria (Legolas Greenleaf imagin...by hhhhhh
eu • phor • ia - having a great sensation of well being or elation. Are you obsessed with the tall, blond, dramatic elf boi from lotr/the hobbit??? You've come to...
  • legolasgreenleaf
  • legolasxreader
  • elves
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Pirates (A Will turner fanfic) [COMPLETED] by madeinmiddleearth
Pirates (A Will turner fanfic) [CO...by Legolas Greenleaf
(#34 POTC) When Lisa was engaged to George at the age of 18 against her will she flee from home with a man named jack sparrow where she meets William turner captain of t...
  • completed
  • deadmanchest
  • fantasy
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Half of My Heart by Athenaxon
Half of My Heartby Athenaxon
They always say follow your heart. Thats what Katy tries to do, even if it's too late.
  • singer
  • theonethatgotaway
  • whoyoulove
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Through Wind and Fire (LOTR) by herwriteness
Through Wind and Fire (LOTR)by ness saw endgame and now crav...
The Elvenking and his son have watched as Mirkwood descends into darkness, as the Shadow grows every day. It was when destiny showed itself to be in their favour that st...
  • legolas
  • orlandobloom
  • lotr
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Involuntary Princess (Legolas X reader) by hashtagfanfiction
Involuntary Princess (Legolas X re...by ~Lily~
She had been a princess all of her life. However, she was born after her brother, who would take the throne from her mother and father. That made her free game to any ki...
  • legolas
  • orlandobloomimagine
  • legolasimagine
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Orlando Bloom characters imagines  by coolfantasyreader
Orlando Bloom characters imagines by Coolfantsy
Basically Legolas & Will Turner imagines
  • elf
  • legolasimagines
  • potc
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By Your Side (Will Turner) by bella_parrilla
By Your Side (Will Turner)by Bella
SEQUEL TO YOUNG LOVE ~ After Will stopped Evelyn from marrying Leo, the two finally come together as lovers. They now face a new adventure with their friend Captain Jack...
  • orlandobloom
  • fanfiction
  • jacksparrow
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Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl by boldcoffee
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Cur...by Sparrow
Victoria Swann's fantasies were always filled with thoughts of exploration and discovery as she grew up. Of course, being the daughter of the Governor proved her life to...
  • pirates
  • piratesofthecaribbean
  • action
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Fate: A Legolas X Reader Story (Complete) by urawesomesoami
Fate: A Legolas X Reader Story (Co...by Morgan Macaroni
You are living the good life as a she-elf in Rivendell when Aragorn comes to visit. You assume it's to visit Arwen, your older sister. Your father notifies you of a meet...
  • legolasgreenleaf
  • legolasxreaders
  • fluff
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Gwen Norrington in Hogwarts (A Legolas fan fiction)[COMPLETED] by madeinmiddleearth
Gwen Norrington in Hogwarts (A Leg...by Legolas Greenleaf
(#15 LOTR 07.18) Gwen Norrington the most popular girl in Hogwarts was cold and mean but she has a secret no one knew until professor Dumbledore introduced Hogwarts to...
  • thehobbit
  • orlandobloom
  • hogwarts
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The Places in my dreams by SixxHeartagrams
The Places in my dreamsby Georgia-Rose Tucker
I went to some amazing places in my dreams. My day dreams, My dreams whilst asleep in my bed, the moments when I blinked just a second too long, when I just shut down, w...
  • thorin
  • middleearth
  • anunexpectedjourney
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Tangled waves | Will Turner [1] by stxrlessnights
Tangled waves | Will Turner [1]by k a t i
❛I can do this, and even if I can't, I have to.❜ A tale where selkies surface, love is found and a pirates revenge is enacted (sort of). [William Turner x OC] [Book one...
  • willturnerxoc
  • steffyargelich
  • selkie
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