The battle

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"That doesn't matter, you are my fiancé come with me" George looked at Lisa. "You are a good man George but we were never meant to be. Someday you would find someone and you will know, why we were never meant to be" Lisa looked into his eyes. "I wanted that person to be you Lisa" he gasped. "But it isn't me and if you think with a clear head, you know we were never meant to be from the start" Lisa words heavy. Lisa took out her engagement ring and handed it over to George. "Your future wife would be a lucky woman" Lisa smiled.

"You proved who you really are today" Lisa father yelled.  Lisa didn't say a word she stayed silent. "Enough of the family drama, now back to business" Karl came forward. "So king what have you decided?" Jack looked at Lisa. "We are pirates we listen to no men, we are free and we will always be" Lisa looked at them. "The king is right lets battle till death" Barbossa yelled. "But you threatened us with the immortals and the kraken" Karl hissed. "Let the fight be between the head of the Royal Navy and the king" Reed responded.

"What? No" Will interrupted. "Challenge excepted" Lisa said. "Are you crazy?" Will looked at Lisa. "I'm not I'm doing this not only for the Pirates but for my father and George, if the kraken awakens none of them will survive" Lisa looked at him. "But you can't win this fight, you never went to battle" Will said in despair. "I've Barbossa and Jack with me have hope" Lisa walked away. Barbossa and Jack boarded the black pearl with Lisa.

Reed and Karl boarded their ship and came forward for the battle. The black pearl rowed forward to face the Royal ship. The battle of the leader of the Royal Navy and the Pirates began. Everyone stood still hoping and praying that their team would win. George grabbed the ring tightly as he looked out at the distant where the battle was held "I can't belief what you did to Lisa" he looked at Lisa's father. "I'm not proud of what I did son" Lisa's father looked down. "You should apologize to Lisa instead and I really hope she forgives you" George words heavy.

Lisa's father knew what George said was true and he realized his mistake and now he regretted. His daughter was in the middle of a battle and he don't know if he would ever be able to see her again, his heart was heavy with pain and sorrow. On the other hand, Will couldn't stand to watch the fight anymore his expressions grew harder. "I know what your feeling mr Turner, but it's your kings command you can't do anything" calypso looked at him. "But I can't watch the battle go on like this" Will looked away. "If the pirate lords had freed me this battle would never take place, I'd have helped you all" calypso smirked.

"Too late for that now" Will gasped. Will knew that the black pearl stood no chance with the head of the Royal Navy as the weapons of the navy were stronger, so he had no choice but to cheat in this battle rather than see the black pearl wreck and Lisa going down with it. Will commanded his crew members and they sailed towards the black pearl and defended it. Reed and Karl were outraged "that's cheating" they both screamed but in the heat of the battle their voices were drowned. Lisa couldn't belief Will went against the bargain she was furious at him, the crew of the black pearl cheered in joy because they knew that now they will win over the battle.

The other navy ships didn't come forward to help Reed and Karl. Everyone was scared of the flying Dutchmen as well as the kraken. Joy filled the eyes of George who was watching the battle and Lisa's father heart began to beat again. He always took Lisa as a burden until he saw her in battle and the fear of losing her have melted his ice cold heart. When Reed and Karl went down with their ship and the Pirates won victory the Royal Navy fled from the sight. Only the ship of George remained. All the Pirates were cheering with joy except Lisa.

"I can't belief you did that" she yelled as Will boarded the black pearl. "I did it for you, to save you" Will looked at her. "You cheated Will" Lisa words heavy. "I'd rather cheat, than lose you forever" he exhaled. "And you lost me today because I can never be with someone, who can't keep his word" Lisa gasped. Everyone in the black pearl was silent, at that very moment George and Lisa's father boarded the pearl. "Lisa" her father called as tears rolled down his cheeks "I'm very sorry" he gasped as he kissed her head. Lisa smiled as she hugged him tightly "it's okay father, I'm sorry too" she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Today Will proved his love for you, you both belong together Lisa" George smiled as he came forward. "No he cheated" Lisa looked away. "He cheated to save you something I couldn't do, cheating to save a life is not cheating" George looked at her. "Yes, what Will did none of us could do" Lisa father looked at her too. Lisa turned and looked at Will she could see his eyes were full of sorrow and pain, from his past he was lost at sea and was found by the swann family, brought up as a blacksmith and later realizing his father was a pirate and bound to the Flying Dutchmen he became the captain of the Dutchmen in the end sailing the sea for eternity, while the only love he knew Elizabeth who was also his wife left him for someone else. In a way she and Will had the same type of history her heart sank.

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