Davy Jones

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The pirate lords have decided to hunt for Davy Jones and send him to the 'land of no return' under the leadership of Lisa. Lisa finds it cruel to execute him. Will job was to transport souls of men who dies in the sea. He couldn't hunt for Davy Jones. He didn't want Lisa to go hunting for jones but Will have no saying in it. "I'm sorry for last night" Will gave a light peck on Lisa's head as he left for the Flying Dutchmen.

"Why didn't you both tell me, that I was imprinted?" Lisa questioned Barbossa and jack. "We didn't want to scare you" Barbossa said. "And it's not my place" jack smiled. "I don't know what is happening out here, let's just find a way to hide the key" Lisa grumbled. "I think Will want you to have it" Barbossa smirked. "But I don't want it" Lisa folded her arms. "I guess it's safer with you my lady" jack said as he looked out at the horizon.

On the other hand George Philip and Lisa's father was still on the hunt for Lisa, they didn't give up. News of Lisa as the pirate king have spread across the ocean. Lisa's father was furious. "It's all jack's doing" George comforted him. George will never let Lisa get into piracy, he promised himself he would find Lisa and take her out of this mess.

Davy Jones came to know about his hunt and where the chest and the key was. He knew that if he captures the lady the key will be his and for the chest he has to go to the worlds end but that's a risk he's willing to take because if he has the chest he can stab the heart and become the captain of the Flying Dutchmen once more and he can return to the real world. He decided to hunt for the black pearl.

Lisa have lost count of days, she didn't know what they were even doing. It's like they were going round and round in circles. Until one night when the crew of Davy Jones attack the black pearl and captured Lisa and calypso. "Take the key leave the lady and calypso" Barbossa yelled. "The lady is the key and I need calypso" jones laughed as he claims the black pearl and throws the crew of jack and Barbossa into storming sea.

"King we are heading to your worst nightmare" jones smirked as he looked at Lisa. She knew where exactly they were going 'the worlds end'. When the capture of the pirate king have spread the pirates were on the hunt searching for their king Lisa.

"You fools! you let Jones capture the lady, calypso and the key?" Will outraged at Barbossa and jack. "Yes but we were outnumbered" jack hissed. "Oh shut up you guys can do nothing" Will looked away. "They are taking her to the worlds end" Barbossa gulped. "Then there's where we have to go" Will said.

Jack sparrow didn't like the idea of going back to the worlds end, if a mortal goes there then they get stuck there for eternity. The first time he was trapped there and he was able to escape with the help of Barbossa, Will and his crew decades ago but this time he didn't know how they are going to maybe Will must has a good plan out here or else we will never return jack thought.

The journey to the worlds end was long, time began to slow down and the winds and storms were out of order. The ship was next to sinking. Calypso and Lisa were kept in cages. "Can't belief we are treated like animals" Lisa grumbled as she sat next to calypso. "They are afraid we would flee" calypso said. "Flee where? this is the sea isn't it" Lisa growled. The key to the chest Lisa wore around her neck. "I don't know.....why they didn't take the key from me" she looked at calypso. "Because it's safer with you" calypso smiled. Lisa couldn't understand anything, she didn't even bother to ask she was really fed up of everything.

Finally the day had arrived when they found the way to the worlds end, it was a very huge portal in the middle of the sea as the ship entered the portal the ship began to shake terribly. Lisa and calypso were tossing here and there like popcorns inside an microwave. Until Lisa lost her consciousness. As Lisa regained her consciousness she was not inside the cage anymore but found herself laying down on a sofa as Davy jones watched her with delight.

"Where's calypso?" She questioned in shock. "She's okay. I'm glad your awake now" he smirked. As she got up and walked out to the deck she found the black pearl still on the ocean without movement. "Where are we?" She asked calypso. "At the worlds end" calypso looked at Lisa. The worlds end didn't look scary at all, the only difference was that the sea had no movement, there was no wind in the sails and no tides on the sea.

"How are we going to find the chest Captain? The ship cannot sail on its own. The men are tired and we are running out of supplies" a crew member talked to Davy Jones. Davy Jones didn't have the answer to that, he kept silent then he turned his gaze to calypso "I know you have an answer to all these" he said. "Yes, captain we can only sail on the Flying Dutchmen" she laughed. "Liar! Sparrow was able to escape from here once you were the witness too. Nor tell me the truth before I chop off your neck" he threatened as he took out his sword. "Stop" Lisa yelled as she stood between them.

"I know how they were able to sail the sea before, by the help of crabs. Sparrow told me" Lisa gasped. "Very well then we should look for the crabs but from where will we find this crabs?" Jones looked at her. "There's an island, full of crabs in the west we have to go by boat" Lisa said. "Where's west?" Jones questioned. "That way" calypso pointed to the west. In the worlds end none find the directions only the captain of the Flying Dutchmen and calypso knew the way. There was even a map before from where jack sparrow found his way back but that map was now lost.

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