chapter eighteen

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For those of you who read my other book "You're My New Nightmare", the sequel will be up this Friday!! (12th of August)

Oh and look at the manip I made of Niall and Sam 


I left the house an hour later with the dress in my hand. Some of the guys, including Niall, had football practice later today and I had homework to do. Maya and Tiffany weren't on the porch anymore, so I just headed back to my dorm.

Alex was asleep on her bed when I closed the door behind me. Her eyes shot open by the sound and she quickly sat up.

"Morning." I chuckled and took off my shoes.

She mumbled something and rubbed her eyes, gathering the papers in front of her.

"I was up all night with this freaking assignment. You don't happen to know anything about Jane Austen?"

"No, sorry."

"Anyway, how was your night?" She sighed, shoving the papers aside.

"It was fun, I guess. Had a few drinks, left early. It wasn't as exciting and special as I thought it would be."

"Did you spend the night with your cousin?"


If I told her the truth, which was sleeping at Alpha Phi, she would mock me. Ages ago she said I would fall for Niall, just like everyone else. And I want to prove her wrong, I'm not like everyone else. So I did what I had to do. Lie.

"I was afraid I would wake you up, so I went home with Jesse."

"Oh right, how's things between you guys?" She asked, suddenly very interested.

"It's good."

Another lie.

"Anyways, I'm just gonna take a shower and study some myself."

She smiled and I headed to the bathroom. I placed my phone on the little shelf and started to undress. Niall's incredible scent floated around in the room and for a second I stopped to just to embrace it. Then my phone buzzed and I saw I got a text from Jennifer.

J: "Just saw Jesse. He's pissed, what did you do?"

I frowned and typed an answer.

S: "What makes you think I did something to upset him?"

I put away my phone again and started up the shower. It takes about a minute for the hot water to set in. And just when I was about to step inside, my phone buzzed again.

J: "Sam, come on. He went straight to Alpha Phi, probably to talk to someone specific"



On Tuesday after class it was raining, which meant study and then watch a movie with Alex. It was kind of hard focusing on the assignment when it was pouring outside. It bummed me out because I was afraid thunder might appear as well. Ever since I was a little girl, thunderstorms have scared the crap out of me. I do not like it at all.

Luckily Alex stayed in the dorm all evening to keep me company. Everyone in the building seemed to stay indoors too, and the people down at the fraternities and sororities stayed put as well. I guess the only reason they left their precious houses was to go to class.

In the middle of watching "Mean Girls" I received a text from Niall.

N: "I really hope this fucking rain disappears before the weekend"

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