chapter four

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I was running down a hallway a few days later, trying to find the right classroom for my art class. It's my first ever art class in college and I'm late.

Great first impression

I looked down at my paper, once again reading what number I'm supposed to look for. Eventually I saw a sign on the wall, telling me that the rooms 255-260 are down the hall. I rushed down to my left and saw another sigh above a door. Room 256.

I carefully opened the door, trying to make as little sound as I possible could. The teacher glared at me but didn't say anything. She just pointed at the only available seat in the room, next to a guy. I stumbled over there, trying not to drop anything. If I dropped a pencil on the floor now, the teacher would probably kick me out for making so much noise.

The guy I was supposed to sit next to barely even looked at me. I was almost expecting him to ask me if I needed any help, but apparently not everyone around here is as outgoing and nice as Alex and that Harry kid.

The teacher was talking about some famous artists and the guy next to me wasn't paying attention to her at all. Instead he was drawing some action figure or something on his paper. At the top of the paper I could see a name written in the corner. Zayn.

I know Maya told me about some guy with that name. But as always I couldn't remember why she mentioned it, or even how to pronounce it.

Then he closed his drawing pad and I flinched out of my thoughts. I made eye contact with him for a split second before turning my attention back to the teacher.

After the lesson I decided to catch up with this Zayn guy. I was very interested in seeing more of his drawings, because of what I saw he looked talented. He was quick on his feet as soon as the teacher dismissed the class and I had to rush out in the hallway to even have a chance to stop him.

I followed him down the hall before I could eventually grab onto his arm. He slowly turned around, looking at me with his dark brown eyes.

"Hi, I didn't mean to startle you or anything. I just wanted to ask if I could see more of your drawings." I asked and prayed to god that I didn't sound too creepy.

"Um... they're pretty private." He mumbled with a different accent. I barely couldn't understand him, but I could tell he was from somewhere around England.

Why do I keep bumping into all the guys Maya warned me about?

"Oh, I understand that. I just... from what I saw they looked amazing. You must be a top student."

"I failed last year's art class."

My chin almost dropped. Oh my god how embarrassing this is.

"I don't mean to sound rude, but do you mind leaving me alone from now on?"

And with those words he walked away and I lost him in the ocean of people in the hallway.


It was Friday night and I was down at Alpha Delta Pi. We were in Maya's bedroom along with Kayla, Tiffany, Becca and Jennifer. They were planning on how I'm supposed to make Niall interested in me, so I can get him close enough to crush him.

I had to admit it felt a bit wrong to do this, but then I remembered what a prick the guy is. He walks around thinking he's better than everyone else and thinks he can just play around with girls' feelings. I hate guys like that.

"Okay." Maya announced after a while, standing up from her seat by the desk. "Here we have a list of things Niall can't resist. Things you need to learn or do to get his attention."

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