chapter nine

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Jesse and I came back to the house right when it was time to head down to the beach. We met a bunch by the front door that was carrying stuff and hopefully I'm off the hook for doing any kind of work. I went to my room, closed the door and opened my bag to change clothes. I pulled on a pair of sweat shorts and an oversized t-shirt, took my phone and left the room. I walked down the hallway but stopped in my tracks and took a few steps back again.


Maya looked up as I spoke. She was alone in her room, looking for something.

"Hi Sam." She mumbled, sounding slightly upset.

"What's up?"

"Had a little argument with Becca before."

"What was it about?" I asked, stepping into the room.

"It doesn't matter. Can you help me look for my phone?"

I pulled out my own and dialled Maya's number. Soon enough we heard the lingering buzz and she lifted up her bag. She found her phone under a shirt and I hung up.

"How's it going with Niall?" She asked once we were walking down the stairs.

"I'm not sure. He doesn't seem to be interested in me at all."

"Here's what you're going to do tonight. Flirt with someone else, act like he's not even there. If you don't pay attention to him, he will do anything he can to make you notice him."

"How can you be so sure? I mean there are other girls here he can-"

"He won't." She interrupted as we walked down the stairs by the porch, seeing everyone already being down at the beach. "He has already hooked up with us more than once and the girls from Chi Omega doesn't interest him. You're literally the only girl here he could possibly want to hook up with."

"If you say so." I sighed.

So far Niall has been ignoring me ever since the bonfire was lit. I sat on a log beside that Liam guy, and Niall was in an old lounge chair across from me. The fire between us was the only thing stopping us from having eye contact.

I looked around me. Harry seemed to be getting along with Louis, which I hated. That means he'll be brainwashed by Sunday morning. Jennifer was sitting a bit further away with my fellow art classmate Zayn, having a chat about God knows what. The girls from Chi Omega, plus Alex, were currently absent.

I made eye contact with Maya across the fire and she nodded lightly towards Niall, meaning it was time to start my mission for tonight.

I looked around me once again.

Who should I flirt with?

Flirting with Ethan wasn't an option. He's my roommate's brother so that would be just weird. I could never flirt with Jesse just to make another guy jealous. I kind of like Jesse, he's nice and I don't want to ruin whatever we have. Louis wasn't an option either because he's probably the most annoying guy I've ever met. Harry wouldn't take me seriously if I started flirting with him. If I started flirting with Mike or Joshua, guys from Kappa Sigma, Niall wouldn't care. That leaves me with no other choice.

I turned my body towards the guy I was sitting next to. Liam.

"So... Liam was it, right?" I started off with a gentle laugh.

"Yeah." He smiled. "You're Maya's cousin Samantha?"

I nodded. "But please, call me Sam. I just realised I barely know you and after all, we went in the same car here." I said, making sure to place my hand on his knee.

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