chapter ten

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Jennifer woke me up in the morning by shaking my shoulder. She asked if I wanted to go take a swim in the ocean before breakfast, which I kindly denied. I watched her leave the room, closing the door as she did and I closed my eyes again. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who literally can't go back to sleep once I've wakened up. So I tossed the covers aside and rolled out of bed. Since I was still wearing the clothes from yesterday, all I did was pull my hair up into a messy bun before leaving the room. I probably looked really tired, or even sick, but everyone will just have to accept the fact that this is my natural face.

I heard voices downstairs and decided to go down to them. There were a bunch of people in the living room area and Becca was by the kitchen with Mike. She greeted me with a smile, asking if I'd like some coffee. I denied her as well before sitting down next to Louis in one of the couches.

"I'm surprised you're up this early." I told him.

"We're leaving for town in an hour." He explained.

So Niall wasn't lying about the trip to town

"And where is the birthday boy?"

"In his room. Niall doesn't eat breakfast, so we'll just wake him up ten minutes before we're leaving." Louis said and grabbed the coffee Becca handed him.

"How can he not eat breakfast?" I questioned.

"Funny thing. That guy loves food but he just can't eat before noon. I don't know why, it's just the way it is."

"Are you coming to town with us?" Harry asked while settling down next to me.

He looked tired, but so did everyone else around the coffee table.

"Yeah, sure." I shrugged, putting my feet on the edge of the table.

"Are you wearing Niall's hoodie, by the way?" Louis questioned.

I nodded.

"Did you steal it?" He continued, and he seemed a bit suspicious.

"No, he gave it to me."

"Weird." He said, which ended the conversation.

An hour later I was back in the passenger seat in Niall's car. He woke up five minutes ago so I was actually a bit scared to ride in his car. What if he falls asleep when we're on the road? He'd be the death of all of us.

But he looked kind of cute with that messy hair, grey sweat shorts and a band t-shirt and the way he was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes every third second. Not that I would admit thinking about this to anyone, ever.

Louis, Harry and Jennifer were squeezed together in the backseat and I mocked them by mentioning how much space I had in the passenger seat. Louis said he had shotgun on the way home, but I wouldn't let him have it. Liam borrowed Joshua's car and the ones riding with him were Maya, Kayla, Zayn and Becca. The rest stayed in the house, preparing for tonight. Becca asked why we didn't borrowed Joshua's car, just us girls, and I had to admit I never thought of that. It just came natural to me to go sit in Niall's car.

We arrived into town ten minutes later and we decided to go window-shopping. I don't know how and I don't know why, but we automatically separated into two groups. "Liam's car" went down one street and the rest of us went down another. The guys weren't really interested in shopping, but followed us anyway. We said we'd meet up with the others at a restaurant around lunchtime.

"So where do we go first?" I asked. "Since you three know this place the best, you'll be our guides." I continued, pointing at Niall, Louis and Jennifer.

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