chapter twenty-six

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Niall carried me all the way down to his frat house, and put me down on the porch by the front door.

"You are so childish." I muttered and crossed my arms, still holding the clothes he gave me minutes ago.

"Go up to my room and get changed. Meet me in the backyard when you're done."

"What makes you think I'll obey you?"

He raised his eyebrows.

"You really need to learn that you're not allowed to talk back to me."

"But you like it when I do." I told him, thinking about the list Maya came me ages ago.

Well, not really ages ago, but still.

I saw the corner of his lip twitch as he held back a smile. Then he opened the door and pushed me inside. A few boys greeted me from the living room and I sighed to myself, heading upstairs.

Niall's point of view (finally!!!)

I watched as Sam went up the stairs and I turned to my mates in the living room.

"Okay, she'll be back down here in just a few minutes. I need you to make sure everything and everyone is ready when she gets back."

"And why should we do this? Because you're banging her?" Andrew asked, laughing along with Zayn.

"No, because I'm vice present and you have to do as I say."

He muttered something under his breath, but seconds later he got up from his seat and went into the kitchen to grab some alcohol. Zayn and Harry helped him get it all out in the backyard and I told Ted to go outside and start the music. I was about to send Louis upstairs so he could distract Sam if necessary, just when the front door opened and the girls stepped inside.

"She here yet?" Maya asked, as the rest went straight to the backyard.

"Yeah, upstairs. You got the neon paint?"

She proudly held up the bags.

"Good." I said. "Ethan will help you set them up."

Maya nodded and walked past me, but turned around again.

"You know... it's kind of sweet you're throwing a surprise party for Sam. She'll love it."

"I hope so. We've planned it all week." I said.

"No, you've planned it. I was just helping out a little." She grinned and disappeared outside.

I rushed upstairs, only to almost bump into Sam in the hallway.

She's so hot in that bikini

"I left my sweats in your room, even though I still don't understand why I had to change." She said.

"I was thinking we could go outside and maybe take a swim in the pool." I lied.

"You're up to something." She stated, sounding suspicious. "If it was something as casual as that, you would have told me in the first place."

"Okay, I was actually planning on throwing you into the pool, just because I'm an asshole." I grinned, hooking my finger around the belt loop of her shorts to pull her towards me.

My entire body was screaming 'kiss her!' so that's what I did.

In the middle of the kiss I heard the music started playing in the backyard, which meant it was time to surprise her.

"Seems like we won't be the only ones using the pool." I told her, and she giggled a little.

"That won't be a problem. I like your brothers." She said in a mocking tone.

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