chapter eleven

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Someone stepped in front of the sun, making me frown a bit and squint my eyes open.

"Care to join me in the water?" Jesse asked, looking down at me.

"Yeah, sure."

He smiled and reached down his hands to me. I grabbed onto them and he helped me up from the ground. We walked beside each other down to the ocean where Harry and Liam were currently splashing water on Alex. I saw the grin Harry sent my way as I approached the water. He was up to something and I had a weird feeling about what was about to happen.

Jesse took a few big steps before he dove under the waterline. He came back up; throwing his now wet hair aside and grinned at me.

"Lazy much?"

I splashed some water on him, making him laugh a bit. Then I saw him shooting Harry a look and before I knew it, my curly friend pushed me down and my entire body was under water. I kicked myself up again, rubbing the water out from my face and glared at Harry.

After a couple of minutes, Liam went back to the beach. Alex suggested we'd wrestle and of course Jesse and Harry agreed. So within ten seconds Jesse had gone under water and surprising me by settling me upon his shoulders. I squealed and immediately tugged at his hair as I watched Harry lifting up Alex on his shoulders as well. Jesse had his hands on my knees and slowly walked towards Harry and Alex. Then Alex started pushing me, trying to make Jesse lose his balance. I gave her a push back, seeing Harry wobbling a little. After a couple more pushes, I won. Harry tripped and both of them disappeared under water. I raised my arms in the air, cheering for myself. A few of the people from the beach clapped their hands and Jesse turned us both towards the shore. They had been watching the "fight" and everyone was cheering, except Niall. He was just sitting on his towel, resting his arms against his knees. I recognised that look. It was the same look he gave me last night when I was talking to Liam.

He was jealous

Then Jesse suddenly let go of my knees, throwing me off on purpose. My back hit the waterline and a small pain spread quickly through my body. I shot myself back up, splashing water at Jesse for throwing me off without warning. He laughed and splashed some water back. Harry pulled me closer by my arm, leaving the water fight to Alex and Jesse.

"And I thought you said you didn't like him." Harry mumbled to me, making sure to give me a smirk as he did.

"I don't." I replied, shoving him away before splashing water on him as well.

The four of us continued with our water fight until we eventually got tired and headed back to the beach. I saw Louis lying on his stomach, talking to Zayn and Jennifer. I wasn't sure why I felt the need to ruin his dry body but I sneaked over to them. He was totally unaware on what was coming his way, which made this even funnier. When I was close enough to make a shadow in front of him, it was too late for him to stop me. I collapsed upon his naked back, hearing a high-pitched squeal escaping his mouth. Everyone around us laughed and I crawled up from him, squeezing out the water from my hair to make a puddle on his back.

"For fuck's sake Sam!" He complained, rolling around so his back was pressed against his towel. I could see how Niall was watching us, and it made my grin grow. I had no idea it was so easy making him jealous.

"I'm going to get back at you, just wait." Louis muttered.

I went back to my own towel and lay down on my back, with a proud smile on my lips.

"Genius." Becca mumbled to me. "You're a fucking genius."

"What?" I asked, turning my head to her and looked at her with one eye opened.

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