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Crush Him || n.h by dancelikekids
Crush Him || n.hby sandra
It was just supposed to be a game, nothing serious. Just an innocent little prank. But it turned out to be rather hard, harder than what Sam thought it would be. Turns...
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Fight For Her || n.h by dancelikekids
Fight For Her || n.hby sandra
[sequel to You're My New Nightmare - completed] In senior year Olivia Crawford fell in love. She fell in love with a guy she thought she'd never be interested in. And N...
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Dangerous // n.h au [Book 2/3] by TeonaHoran1D
Dangerous // n.h au [Book 2/3]by Tee
[Book Two] Together at last, engaged with a baby on the way, Niall and Trinity have hopes that maybe they could get the peaceful, happy life they've always wanted...
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The Frat Boy ↠n.h. by -michaelsbabe
The Frat Boy ↠ i r e n e ✎✐
Niall Horan. The famous frat boy. Every girl wants him, Except one special girl. Her name is Natasha. She is the good-girl. Perfect grades. Planned her life out. But o...
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Hole in One || N.H. by baileysydneyniall22
Hole in One || baileysydneyniall22
Niall Horan is a teen boy. He is normal and has a good medical record. He also has a striving golf career. Until one day, he meets Sydney. She is a bad girl who smokes c...
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Fine by nialls_carrot
Fineby nialls_carrot
Kylie joins hillston university. She always has great grades and is somewhat popular. Her new roommate Lexi, is just like her. Whilst they blossom a new friendship, kyli...
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poetry || niall horan by baileysydneyniall22
poetry || niall horanby baileysydneyniall22
A collection of poems dedicated to our Irish Snowflake Prince, Niall Horan.
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Into You (Niall Horan Frat) by outofmyhoran1993
Into You (Niall Horan Frat)by h o r a n
"Well why won't you go out with me?" Niall asked me in shock. "Because 1, we just met today, 2 your a douchebag, and 3 I don't date fuckboys like you,&quo...
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The Two Horan by queen_lyangela
The Two Horanby lyra angela
The Story About Twins . who fight because of FAVORITISM of FAMILY . Niall Horan is Still Seeking For ATTENTION of his PARENTS . Only his Brother Greg was his close in hi...
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Be My Eyes || Larry Stylinson by PerfectionsFlaw
Be My Eyes || Larry Stylinsonby hannah
But he didn't. So Harry went blind. Then Harry met Louis and Louis met Harry. And everything seemed just right.
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Hole in one. by baileysydneyniall22
Hole in baileysydneyniall22
Neil Horan is a teenager. This is normal and has a good reputation. He is also a fan of golf. He met Sidney once. She is a bad smoker who is sexually active. Is Sydney N...
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Boy Blue || n.s. by homicjdal
Boy Blue || homicjdal
"You say you miss me, and I say I miss you so much."
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Dangerous // n.h. by sunshiiineniall
Dangerous // sunshiiineniall
"All he cared about was partying and being reckless."
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Made To Break Your Heart (fratboy niall) by rapmonsieur
Made To Break Your Heart ( rapmonsieur
Sophie Brown is a freshman at the University of Miami, just moved into her dorm, and doesn't know a thing about campus. Niall Horan is a sophomore, belongs to a fratern...
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The Frat Boy | n.h by wififorjai
The Frat Boy | n.hby Lavender
Will Niall + Danielle find love while at college?
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Divided by Very_Narry
Dividedby Very_Narry
During Chandler's first year at the University of North Carolina, she discovers the campus is split between two groups she is caught in the middle of. The reasons for t...
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Stuck In Between by pamziii
Stuck In Betweenby pamziii
A Niall horan And Ed Sheeran Fan fic :)
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Untold Dorm Stories [n.h / h.s] by niallstruly
Untold Dorm Stories [n.h / h.s]by Kimberly
Everyone knows about what happens after the fraternity gets busted for selling weed or doing something illegal but what nobody really knows is the story behind all of it...
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