I'm sorry.

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Hey guys. 

It's been like a week since I finished the story and I really felt the need to write a little message. 

Most of you left comments on the epilogue, saying how much you disliked the ending. And you're allowed to dislike it. I knew you'd be upset that Sam and Niall didn't end up together. But I wasn't expecting to get so many negative comments and messages from you guys. I take it very personal and it feels weird that I have to explain myself. 

I wrote the ending this way because it's realistic. No matter how much you love someone, you don't always end up with them. I believe in happy endings and true love, I really do, but I also know what's real and not. It sucks. And it sucks that you guys feel that the ending ruined the entire story. That you read the entire thing, just to find out they didn't get married and had five kids.

I wanted to make a different ending. Most fanfics, "real" books and movies have the perfect, happy ending. But not all of them. I just decided to make an ending that would not be one of those "happily-ever-after" endings. Personally I don't think it's a bad ending. Niall and Sam are still friends, they still love each other, but they're also happy. Niall forgave her and they moved on. That's life. 

Imagine being in this situation yourself. Imagine loving someone and then finding out that they've been lying to you. Would you go back, just like that? Niall couldn't trust Sam after everything that went down, and that's a normal reaction in a situation like this. He doesn't hate her and he forgave her. 

So I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not writing the end like you wanted me to. I'm sorry for not doing a sequel. I'm sorry for "purposely ruining" the story. 

And I'm really sorry if I come off as ungrateful now, because that's not it. I've loved writing this story, I've loved reading your comments. It just makes me sad to know that you hated the ending. It makes me sad reading all those comments about how bad it was. I'm sure you can understand, and I understand where you're coming from. We all wanted Sam and Niall to be together, but sometimes it's just not possible. Don't hate on Jade either. She did nothing wrong. She only showed him that love still exists. 

I'm not saying Sam and Niall won't ever meet again. It's up to you and your imagination. This is just the end for them right now. 

I'm sorry. 

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