chapter twenty

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I groaned when I felt someone shaking my arm, then poking my stomach, then I felt a pair of warm lips pecking my cheek several times so I would wake up.

"Niall, stop it." I mumbled.

"No matter how much I would like to stay in your bed too, we need to get to class."

"Why?" I groaned, rolling over to lie on my stomach so I could press my face into the pillows.

"Because your parents paid a huge amount of money for you to go to college, so get your ass out of bed and get dressed."

"I don't wanna."

His hands wasn't as warm as his lips, so when the coldness collided with my skin a squeal came out from my mouth. He dragged me towards him by my waist, turning me over and pulled me up so I was sitting up.

"Would you hurry up if I told you we're late?"

My eyes shot open and I crawled away from his embrace and ran to the bathroom. I didn't even bother to put on make up, and just pulled my hair up into a high ponytail and pulled on a pair of black jeans and a sweater I found on the floor. Niall was calm and not stressed at all, just sitting by my desk and scrolling around on his phone.

"How late are we?" I asked, looking at the clock on the wall. Then realization crossed my mind and I grabbed a pillow from the bed and threw it at him. "We're not late at all!"

He laughed and protected him from the pillow by holding his arms up.

"Technically I never said we were late. I just asked if you would hurry if I said we were."

I stared at him before grabbing another pillow to smack him with it repeating times.

"Why the hell did you wake me up two hours before class?"

"I thought you'd fancy some breakfast." He said, standing up from the chair and it was now useless to smack him with the pillow. "Maybe Subway?"

"You are so annoying, did you know that?" I said, roughly shoving the pillow into his stomach.

"Are you done?" He asked, grabbing my wrists to stop me from hitting him again. "Then let's go."

"Can I at least put on some make up first?" I asked as he dragged me towards the door.

"No. You don't need make up anyway."

Twenty minutes later we were at the empty Subway restaurant. Apparently they just opened and we were their first costumers. The girl behind the disk was just a couple of years older than Niall and he told her his order, then looking down at me.

"What sub do you want?"

"Um, turkey. But we rushed out of the dorm so fast I forgot to bring money."

He rolled his eyes with a light sigh.

"I'll pay for you."

I smirked to myself, knowing that I had some money in my pockets but I just wanted to see if he was willing to pay for me. I would pay once we were at the cashier anyway.

But he beat me to it, paying for our two sandwiches, two drinks and two cookies. The girl gave him a flirty smile, but he totally ignored it and went to sit down. I followed him and once we were sitting across from each other, I told him I actually had money to pay for my food.

"You can pay next time." He shrugged and unwrapped his sandwich. "Or pay me back some other way." He added with a grin.

I gently kicked him under the table, but only making his grin wider.

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