chapter thirty

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Guys, I've forgotten to tell you, but @notinthemoodx is translating this story into polish! So if any of you are polish and wants to read it in your own language, go to her profile and read it! I'm honoured that she wanted to translate my story xx


A few days later I was downtown with Charlie and Alex. I needed to start buying Christmas presents because I have like ten days to do it. My plan was to get something for Maya, Niall, Alex and my family. And if I had some money left, I would buy something to the girls too. But just in case I had money left.

"I have like zero imagination when it comes to buying you something." Alex complained as the three of us went into a little café for a shopping break.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out." I chuckled and turned to Charlie. "Are you getting something for Harry?"

Charlie shrugged.

"I mean he's still my best friend even though we haven't spoken in weeks. We grew up together so it would be weird if I didn't."

"But is he getting you something, though? Like you said, you guys haven't spoken in weeks." Alex said as we got in line to order.

"Or you buy something really nice and he'll feel extremely guilty for not getting you something." I said with a shrug. "That way he might come down from the clouds."

Charlie slowly nodded.

"Maybe I'll buy him a new copy of his favourite film."

"Which is?" I asked.

"Love Actually. I don't know how many times he's seen it, probably too many." Charlie said, smiling.

If it was hard for me to see Harry changing, Charlie must have it worse. They've been friends for at least fifteen years and to see your friend just become a different person in a few months... it must suck.

"Okay, where to next?" Alex asked once we had finished our little coffee break.

I looked around as we left the café and spotted a music store.

"Let's check out that one." I suggested.

They agreed and we headed towards the store.

I skimmed through the piles of CD's, meanwhile Alex and Charlie had a chat about movie soundtracks behind me. Eventually a familiar CD cover caught my eye. It was the same CD Niall looked at when we were in Santa Barbara, the day he told me about his mother for the first time. It was also an album from his favourite band; You Me At Six.

It's a perfect Christmas gift

I ended up buying the album for him and we left the store after that.


With a pile of books under my arm I tried to pull out my dorm key from my pocket. Apparently Alex was at the gym, which meant she'd be gone for at least another hour. It was a good thing actually, because then I'd have time to wrap her present and do some studying.

"Need any help with that?"

I looked up from the floor and saw Niall leaning against the wall right next to my door.

"What are you doing here?"

"Saving you, obviously." He chuckled and took the books away from my arms.

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