chapter fourteen

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"I am, why? You know him?" I frowned, looking at my mother.

"You know my close friend Renee? Her neighbour Daniel has a nephew called Niall. I've seen him there a couple of times and I don't like his attitude." Mom said.

Damn it

"How do you know it's the same guy?" I casually asked.

"There are not many guys named Niall in this area. He's Irish, isn't he? A few piercings and tattoos?"

"That's our guy." Maya said with a chuckle.

"I didn't think he was your type, Samantha. A guy like him will only cause you pain." Mom continued, staring at me with a disapproval look on her face.

"You never judge people, mom, but suddenly you have a special category for "guys like him". You've seen him a couple of times and you assume he's a bad guy?"

"Well, he's not the greatest guy either." Maya cut in.

I looked at her.

She's taking mom's side?

"Can't Sam decide herself if he belongs with the good guys or not?" Connor sighed. "She's old enough to make her own decisions."

"But she doesn't define him as a nice guy, and neither does Maya." Mom said.

"I haven't met the guy, but it seems to me that he's no good for you sweetheart. So why don't you just focus on passing you classes and take a break from boys?" Dad joined in.

"So you're saying I can't see him because of mom's judgement?"

They looked at each other before dad looked at me again.

"I don't want you to see any of those boys if they're a distraction."

"They're not." I quickly responded.

"They might be in the future. So we forbid you from dating any of them."

I was pissed, really pissed. Maya tried cheering me up on our way down to her sorority, but nothing was working. Despite the fact that I'm almost nineteen years old, my parents are telling me I can't go on dates because it might mess up my studies. But no matter how much I love my parents and I want to be the daughter they deserve, they can't tell me what to do. I don't live under their roof anymore, so technically I don't have to obey them. They're happy just as long as I pass my classes. Neither Jesse nor Niall will be that much of a distraction.

"Look guys, it's the Jenkins cousins." The Irish voice called out from their porch.

I looked over there, seeing him walking down the stairs to approach us. He was wearing his frat hoodie, the one with Greek letters and the same hoodie he wore the first time I met him. His messy hair was lying across his forehead instead of being up in its normal quiff. He looked extremely cosy to be honest.

"Fuck off." I muttered, as I followed Maya towards the other house.

"Can't take a joke today, huh?" Niall teased.

"Leave me alone, will ya?" I snapped.

He quickly wrapped his hand around my wrist, making me stop.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

I turned back to him.

"Why do you assume anything's wrong? Maybe I'm just tired."

"I may be off limits for asking this, but is it your time of the month? Because if it is, then I know you're not pissed at me for a reason."

I looked over my shoulder, noticing that Maya had entered the house next door.

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