chapter seven

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Alex was still asleep when I left the dorm the next day. Harry told me to come by his dorm at half past nine so that's what I did. I wasn't really sure on where his dorm was so Charlie was going to meet me by the entrance.

A couple of minutes later I stepped into their dorm with Charlie behind me, seeing Harry sitting on the floor. He was packing down the last things and greeted me with a smile over the shoulder.

"I hope you're strong." He said as he stood up. "Charlie has plans downtown so he can only help us with the first set of things."

"So we need to walk back and forth all day?" I groaned and slumped down in a chair by one of the desks.

"Pretty much. But I promise to buy you coffee or something afterwards."

"Yeah, you better."

He grinned and looked around the room. There were seven boxes and I was curious on what was in all of them. Some of the boxes had labels on them, like "clothes", and I guess he brought a lot of stuff with him when he moved to America.

"Okay, so we'll take these boxes first and then we come back and take these ones right here, and then these. It should take us like two hours, tops." Harry explained and looked at us. Charlie and I nodded before he handed the first box to Charlie. I stood up from my chair and grabbed one of the clothing boxes.

The three of us headed outside with the boxes and started walking down the street towards the frat house. Harry kept talking about how excited he was to finally get out of the dorm. He's been here for less than a month and he's already tired of being stuck in that room. Charlie seemed to still be okay with living by himself though.

A couple of guys were on the porch as we approached the frat house. I recognised them from the parties but I had no idea what their names was. Not that I cared anyway.

"You must be Harry." One of the guys said.

"Correct." Harry smiled and walked up the stairs.

"Let me show you your room." The same guy said and stood up from the couch. He headed inside and we followed him.

It was weird to see the house this empty and quiet, and in daylight. I've been here two times and both of those times the place was crowded with people, and at night.

I could hear voices in the backyard and I was actually surprised the guys were up this early in the morning.

We walked up the stairs and the guy showed us the way to Harry's new bedroom.

One side of the room was occupied, which meant that he already had a roommate. Harry placed his box on the free bed and I put down my box on the floor next to Charlie's.

"So who else stays in this room?" Harry asked the guy.

"Me. That's why I'm awake, so I could show you the room. I'm Andrew." The guy said, holding out his hand towards Harry. Then the guy looked at me.

"If you're planning on bringing your girlfriend here, let me know before she comes over so I can leave the room to study somewhere else."

I quickly looked at Harry, who slightly blushed while scratching his neck.

"Um, Sam isn't my girlfriend."

"Well, whatever you guys are, give me a heads up before anything happens in the room, okay?" He mumbled before leaving.

"He seems fun." I sarcastically said as soon as we were alone, and looked at Harry.

"Maybe he's just tired." He shrugged.

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