chapter thirty-four

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I sat down in my usual seat next to Charlie for our literature class. And as usual Grace gave me a glare as she walked by, and our professor was late, also as usual.

Harry took the seat next to me, lightly greeted the two of us. Charlie and I exchanged looks, because Harry hasn't been sitting with us for quite a while.

"Um, Charlie, are you, um, still alone in the dorm?" Harry asked, and leaned forward a bit to look at Charlie.


"Do you think I can, maybe, move back in?"

I frowned.

"You're leaving the frat house?"

Harry nodded.

"Well, it's not official yet or anything. I talked to Ethan on New Years, telling him I'm not 100 % comfortable there."

So that's why Ethan said 'we'll continue this conversation in the morning' when I asked if I could borrow Harry for a minute during the New Years Eve party.

"So you wanna move back, just like that?" Charlie asked, sounding a bit upset.

"If you don't mind. The house is driving me crazy."

Or Louis is

"We'll talk about this later." Charlie mumbled, nodding towards the door.

Our professor walked in and the class started.

About twenty minutes later, Harry nudged my thigh with his hand under the table. I frowned and looked at him. He glanced down and so did I. He was handing me a note.

"Seriously? You're passing me notes? How old are we, eight?" I mumbled.

"Just read it."

I sighed, but took the piece of paper from him and read it.

"Louis is dumping Kayla today. So if she asks you to break his heart too, please don't.

P.S. Louis knows."

"Knows what?" I whispered to Harry.

He gave me a meaning look and that's when I realised.

"Oh my god, you told him?" I hissed.

"Before you freak out, I'm sorry and-"

"You're sorry?" I said, a bit too loud.

The professor stopped talking and everyone turned to me.

"Is there a problem, miss Jenkins?" He asked, looking at me.

"May I be excused? I need to-"

"Make it quick."

I didn't think he'd let me go, but I was thankful he did.

I quickly stood up from my seat and hurried towards the door. As I was about to walk through it I heard Harry also asking to be excused. Only seconds later he was chasing me down the hallway.

"Sam, listen." He tried and took a grip around my wrist to stop me.

"You told Niall's best friend the plan? Do you realise what you've done?" I said, trying not to yell in his face.

"I didn't tell him."

"Stop lying!"

"If you would only listen-"

"I'm screwed, like for real! I was going to tell him any day now and now, thanks to you, Louis has probably already told him!"

"I didn't tell him!" He raised his voice. "Jesse did!"

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