chapter one

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A loud sound woke me up. The second after I had opened my eyes I realised that it was the car door that had been slammed shut. Next thing I know mom opened my door.

"Rise and shine sleepyhead, we're here!"

I groaned, rubbing my eyes before turning my head to look out the window. I saw some sort of park in front of the big, grey building. It seemed to be at least three floors and when I stepped out of the car I saw a couple of signs pointing towards different directions, so as different fraternities and sororities.

"Come on Sam, you can't stand there all day admiring campus." Dad complained while unpacking my stuff from the car.

"It would be a lot easier if Connor and Luke were here to help." I muttered as I walked over to him.

"Well, now they're not. But look who's heading this way." Mom said, pointing over my shoulder. I spun around and a smile appeared on my lips as I laid my eyes on my cousin Maya.

"Hello there, college girl." She grinned while approaching.

I rushed up to her and gave her a tight hug.

"How does it feel to be a freshman all over again, but this time it's not in high school?" She asked me once we let go of each other.

"God, I'm so nervous, you have no idea." I said as dad shoved a box into my arms.

"Yeah, she wasn't the one who had to hear you babbling all the way here until you eventually passed out mid-sentence." Mom chuckled.

Maya laughed before turning back to me. "Where are all your papers and stuff?"

"In my backpack in the backseat." I explained and nodded towards the car door I had left open. She went to grab them and started to look down at them as dad continued putting down boxes on the ground.

"Okay, I know exactly where your dorm is. You and I can take the first set of things and we'll come back here to help you guys with the rest?" She said, looking at my parents, who just nodded. Dad even sat down on the edge of the trunk, looking like he was the one to pass out next.

I placed the box between my feet as I swung my backpack around my shoulders, before picking up the box again. Maya grabbed another box and mom placed another smaller bag on top of her box, before she took the lead towards the building.

When we stepped inside, my anxiety grew fast in my stomach. There were people everywhere and the halls were practically crowded with college kids. Maya seemed to know the place pretty well, but after all; she's been here for two years now.

She guided me through a couple of hallways, up to the second floor and down another hallway. She greeted several people on the way before knocking on a door. We waited patiently for it to open and soon enough it did.

A girl with a fit body, brown hair and light brown eyes were standing in front of me. She was walking around in a pair on denim dungarees over a white t-shirt along with a pair of black, worn out converse and her hair kept falling down over her face. She pushed it aside and gave me a friendly smile.

"You must be Samantha." She sighed, like she had been working out and was exhausted. Maybe she was unpacking her stuff as well.

"Yeah, and your name was..." I trailed off, trying to picture the paper in front of my eyes that I had been studying for the last couple of days.

"Alex!" She exclaimed, putting out her hand for me to shake.

Wow someone's existed to be in college

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