chapter twenty-seven

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Sam's point of view

I had to sit down upon the bed, because all of this came so sudden. First he surprise me with this party, then he wants us to end whatever we have at the moment.

"Weeks ago you wanted to be with me because we weren't allowed to. Now that everyone is cool with it, even my parents, you wanna bail?"

"Are you fucking insane? Of course I wanna be with you." He said with a frown.

I frowned too.

"Then what's the problem?"

Niall sighed, tugged at his hair before walking over to me. He crouched down in front of me, leaning his arms upon my thighs.

"This whole thing is confusing me, you have to understand that. You make me feel stuff... stuff I'm not used to. I want to be with you every minute of every day. It's like an addiction and I can't afford to have another one."

"Don't you think it's confusing for me too? You're not supposed to be like this. You're supposed to be that jerk I met on my first day here. The guy who was out on his walk of shame and probably slept with another girl later that day. Yet you're acting all sweet and gentle with me. And no matter how much it hurts to admit it, I guess you're right. We either stop this right now, or we put a label on it. What do you wanna do?"

I felt my heartbeat increase by the second. When I agreed on pranking Niall I never thought we would ever be in this situation. And I was actually so scared to lose him.

"Like I said, I wanna be with you. I really do. It's just complicated."

"It doesn't have to be." I told him.

"I mean I haven't had a girlfriend in years."

He said girlfriend oh my god

"So I guess I'm afraid I'll screw it up, like always."

I placed my hands on his cheeks.

"You won't. Trust me."

I will

"But let's keep it a secret for now, okay? Just a week or so." I suggested.

"Why?" He frowned, as I stroked away some hair from his forehead.

"It's exciting with secrets."

A grin appeared on his lips.

"Well, I'm quite the expert at keeping secrets. None of the boys knows about my past."

"So am I."

He stood up and opened the bedroom door.

"Do you wanna ditch this party and go back to your dorm? I assume you talked to Alex about leaving us alone."

"I did." I said, also standing up. "She's sleeping at Chi Omega tonight."

"Good. Because right now I want to sleep with my girlfriend, and I don't mean sleep sleep." He smirked and stepped out in the hall.

I felt butterflies in my stomach. He actually called me his girlfriend.

"Who am I to say no to that kind of offer?"


When my phone started ringing the next morning, Niall groaned and pulled away his arm from me, turning to the wall. It was a bit cramped for us to share my bed, but we managed to make it work. I actually don't think his arm left my body once during the night. He fell asleep on his side with his arm sloppily draped over my stomach as I was lying on my back. Selfish, I know, taking up all the space.

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