EPILOGUE - last chapter

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I've put a collage of pictures of the characters above, along with the trailer, for a little summary!! (just slid to the side, I think) 

The pictures from the top left corner to top right corner: Zayn and Jennifer - Kayla and Becca - Jesse and Alex - Jennifer and Becca - Charlie and Grace - Tiffany

And from Tiffany and down: Kayla and Maya - Sam and Becca - Jennifer and Jesse

From Jennifer and Jesse (bottom right corner) to the bottom left corner: Becca and Ethan - Kayla and Louis - Ethan and Alex - Jennifer and Kayla - Kayla and Becca

And from Kayla and Becca up to the top left corner: Jesse and Sam - Harry and Sam

And of course Niall and Sam in the middle.

(I just realised Liam isn't in one single picture, but you guys know how he looks so yeah)


Sam's point of view

A few months later.

There were a knock on the door and I stood up from my bed to go open it. The first thing I saw when I opened it was a big brown box.

"Hello, you alright there?" I laughed.

"Yeah, but do you mind helping me?" The girl behind the box said, with a British accent.

I laughed once again and took the box out of her hands.

The girl was rather small, shorter than me, and her hair was light brown and her eyes had a darker brown shade of colour. She wore a black t-shirt that was way too big on her, and a pair of black Dr Martens boots. The dark red lipstick she wore looked amazing along with her tanned skin.

"You must be my new roommate."

"What gave me away?" She joked. "I'm Jade."

I frowned a little as I stretched out my hand.

"Oh right, you Americans don't really understand my accent. Jade." She said with a pretty bad impression of an American accent.

"I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sam. And don't tell me this is all you brought?"

"God no! My dad is taking care of the rest." She said and looked around the room. "Are you a freshman as well?"

"Actually no. I'll be a sophomore in a few days, so it's my second year in this dorm."

"Have you always lived alone?"

I shook my head.

"I had a roommate last year. We had a bit of a fall out, so she moved down to a sorority down the street."

"Sorry to hear that. So what's your major?" Jade asked and sat down on the bed that used to be Alex's.

"Art. My goal after college is to open up my own art gallery one day. My cousin is studying here as well, so it wasn't hard to pick schools. What's your major?"

"Music. I wanna be the next Beyoncé." She said with a smug smile.

I chuckled and felt my phone buzz in my pocket. It was Niall texting me.

N: "Party tonight at the frat house. You in?"

I typed a quick answer and heard someone groaning behind me. Jade quickly went past me, and it turned out to be her father with more boxes.

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