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Fight For Her || n.h by dancelikekids
Fight For Her || n.hby sandra
[sequel to You're My New Nightmare - completed] In senior year Olivia Crawford fell in love. She fell in love with a guy she thought she'd never be interested in. And N...
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Out of My Limit (Punk Niall Horan) by Stupid_4_You
Out of My Limit (Punk Niall Horan)by Lily
When Lily, the smarty pants, gets partnered with Niall, the punk, for a school project, she isn't so pleased with the idea. Lily is a shy person with hidden secrets. Nia...
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Crush Him || n.h by dancelikekids
Crush Him || n.hby sandra
It was just supposed to be a game, nothing serious. Just an innocent little prank. But it turned out to be rather hard, harder than what Sam thought it would be. Turns...
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Trouble (EDITING) by DeadlyxStyles
Trouble (EDITING)by styles??
Being in a new school is a drag, Emma knows this. But her mind is changed when she's pulled into a clique she didn't expect to be in. And then she meets him; Harry Style...
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Her (Niall Horan Fanfiction) by ohnoniall-
Her (Niall Horan Fanfiction)by ohnoniall-
"Niall I'm not your fucking girlfriend! You can't just follow me around! Why do you care about who I go on dates with!? It's none of your business!" I was beyo...
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You & I by EternallyYoursLove
You & Iby EternallyYoursLove
Roxanne Styles, a bartender and sometimes a provocative dancer on the bar with a dark past. She is desperate to feel free and has her walls up when it comes to love. It...
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Exceptions (Punk + Frat Niall Fanfiction) by siiickstyles
Exceptions (Punk + Frat Niall Fanf...by Em
Niall Horan is a junior in college, top dog at his frat and strongly recognized in the punk scene. Girls fall at his feet and Niall wouldn't have it any other way. His w...
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Going Down (A Niall Horan Fanfic) by taylormariem
Going Down (A Niall Horan Fanfic)by TaylorMarie
Andi Griffin has a problem. It was something she had always kept to herself, until her parents saw her legs and stomach at the first barbecue of the summer. Shipping her...
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Endlessly (Perfect Sequel) Niall Horan Punk. by Teenage_Dirt_Bag
Endlessly (Perfect Sequel) Niall H...by Teenage_Dirt_Bag
How does it feel to love someone endlessly......Niall and Sarah find out. The search threw college, Lucas, and Aiden. But the question is do they make it?
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Dangerous // n.h au [Book 2/3] by TeonaHoran1D
Dangerous // n.h au [Book 2/3]by Tee
[Book Two] Together at last, engaged with a baby on the way, Niall and Trinity have hopes that maybe they could get the peaceful, happy life they've always wanted...
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Bully •Niall Horan Fanfic• by xniallerx
Bully •Niall Horan Fanfic•by xniallerx
Hi, I'm Julia Daniels. I may seem like a normal 17 year old girl, but I'm not. My mother left me when I was six. My father is now abusive and alcoholic, It doesn't help...
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It's Not All Roses by mrsherndon26
It's Not All Rosesby Valerie Herndon
Mae Daniels is moving on from her small town life style to bigger and better things at the University of Arkansas. She loves everything about her new life, like her clas...
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I Hate my Stepbrother (I Love Him)  (Punk Niall Horan) by HorseloverQueen
I Hate my Stepbrother (I Love Him)...by Alpha Jazzy
Avalon moves to California with her mom to meet her new stepfather and stepbrother. She has a Secret that only her mom. And Niall want to find out it. He is mean to her...
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Badass // punk one direction by haroldisadorable
Badass // punk one directionby -A
Tess moves halfway across the world because her parents get a job offer. And she's not exactly a 'girly-girl'. She has tattoos covering both her arms and piercings almos...
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Given a Chance 《L.P.》 by Thevtp
Given a Chance 《L.P.》by Thevtp
Victoria has a dark past, one that she reveals to no one. She vowed to never let her walls down, but then an old friend comes back into her life. Liam Payne, a tattooed...
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Come With Me (Niall Horan) by SierraFarted
Come With Me (Niall Horan)by ☹ 𝚂𝚒𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚊 ☻
COMPLETED (written when I was 13) (Please do not read this story. It makes me cringe so much, I hate it. I would delete it if I didn't get so many reads.) ♚ Niall Horan...
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Insomniac || Niall Horan [AU] by katieheenan
Insomniac || Niall Horan [AU]by katieheenan
•in·som·ni·a - habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep She's depressed. He's schizophrenic. When these two...
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Love Haz, by Kellie_elizabeth
Love Haz,by Kellie
9 boys two groups. The flowers run by no other then Harry styles a sweet boy who's loves big shirts and flower crowns. His friends are Niall,Luke and Micheal. He loves...
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Forbidden (AU Punk Niall) by niiallsslutt
Forbidden (AU Punk Niall)by Maria
What happens when too people form different worlds have to come together to save everything they've ever loved? Izzy Parker is a tough girl who can handle herself, but w...
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The Sex Tape » n.h (discontinued) by LiamHoran_
The Sex Tape » n.h (discontinued)by Lily Panda
He caught all on tape The Sex Tape *under major editing*
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