Twenty Five Facts About The Author

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Warning : embarrassing moments in coming

Let's start!

[1] To those who doesn't know, I am an extremely awkward, weird, and very shy fourteen year old Filipino girl. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

[2] I am a swimmer. I currently have an on and off relationship with swimming. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I just plain hate it. It's really confusing that it hurts.

[3] I am a Born Again Christian. A reason why I don't use phrases like "oh my god" in my stories. And even if I do use it, I begrudgingly do so.

[4] I used to be a fake fan of KPOP. Fortunately I met 4Minute (my babies), 2NE1, iKon, and BTS <3

[5] My parents doesn't allow me and my brother to be in a relationship until we graduate in College. As if someone would want to date me ~_~ but I've been sneaking glances at my brother's phone and I saw a 'babe' on his contacts and he's still in College. But I'll never tell on him because he'll be pissed off .-.

[6] My friends doesn't know my addiction to Big Hero Six :P So I fangirl inwardly whenever they mention it.

[7] I used to be a cry baby when I was in elementary. And ever since sixth grade, I became tougher. But I still always cry about small stuff and laugh about big stuff. They do say laugh is the best medicine.

[8] I know it sounds weird but I love hurting myself, emotionally that is by reading angst reader inserts. Message to those who write angst, come at me bro!

[9] I am currently married to my fictional husband, Steven Stone from Pokemon but I am cheating on him with Jacksepticeye. But wait, I'm cheating on both of them also with Makoto Tachibana. But I am three timing them with Murasakibara Atushi, the sweet loving giant (I am such a cheater XD don't deny it, you also have this kind of relationship) The cycle doesn't end there but I don't want to continue.

[10] (A little bit of rant coming up) I absolutely despise people who call themselves "fans" of a certain person and then leave them after seeing or noticing something they don't like. Take PewDiePie for example, he only changed and his content also changed (everyone goes through that stage) but the fame never gets to his head and he's still the same Pewds I/we know. They said he got boring and want the old him back. If Pewds does bring the old him back, then they will complain about how he's always the same (seriously people, make up your mind) Also take Smosh for example, they added a few people in their videos and a lot of their so "fans" left them because they got "boring" after they put the new people in and said they wanted the other people to leave (people should also consider the feelings of the person they're "targeting").

And then there's KPOP. There were so called "fans" who left ARMY (BTS fan base) because Jimin (and yes, I got the idea of Jimin from the first chapter because of BTS) from the said group lost his abs! Does that seriously sound like a true fan to you? Just because he lost his freaking ABS?!

Sorry, I'll calm down :(

[11] So this is the creep/funny part of my life. I met someone in Facebook. The person was a guy. Since I used to be so freaking into anime and role played using my real account, we chatted about anime and role played. After days of chatting, he suddenly said he was in love with me and even wrote me a song. . . (this is not a lie, I swear this is true) I'm like whaaaaaaat? I laughed out loud then blocked the guy forever, never to be heard of again O_O

[12] And here is my unrequited love story. I had a crush on this Chinese swimmer in my team. We were team mates. When I stopped to take a small water break, he also stopped, fixed his googles then he smiled at me. HE. SMILED. AT. ME. Unfortunately, I was an embarrassing little bish back then and I freaking death glared at him then began to swim again (like a real glare). So embarrassing >.< The awkward thing is after I took off swimming, he also took off to swim so he was behind me all the time and I wasn't able to unleash my inner fangirl and scream out loud in the water. Geez, I hope my girl team mates doesn't have Wattpad right now -.- he left our swimming team though. Then I saw him again in "Palarong Pambansa" (a sports competition for the whole Philippines) Good thing he didn't notice me tho because he might notice me staring at him like O///O  (PS. His mother visited our team and I sat there like 0___0 *don't notice me, don't notice me*)

[13] My username "ReynaJessica" means "Queen Jessica". Jessica is not my real name but it is the name of my bias in SNSD, Jessica Jung.

[14] I love creep stuff, especially if there is a story behind it. That's why I love Creepypasta. I used to be in that fandom but I really didn't know them that well before because I was ten years old or something (so I momentarily left the fandom). I came back after reading Clockwork's story (I know many people hate her but I really love her story and her also, no homo tho)

[15] Nyehehehe *papyrus voice* I imagine my oc whenever I listen to music. You should totally vote on this chapter because I am literally spilling out my embarrassing life here ;_;

[16] ALDUB (it's a very popular pairing in the Philippines, they also broke the world record for most tweets twice). So, my mom met Maine Mendoza (yayadub) and she signed my book (yay) but when I told mom to record a video of Yayadub saying hello to me, MY MOM FAILED! Apparently, she recorded after Maine said my name! I'm like UGGGHH

[17] I have this friend who also loves KPOP. She dances too. BUT she keeps dancing to KPOP songs IN PUBLIC and when I try to stop her, she keeps dancing anyways. Nothing wrong with it but it's getting annoying grr. But what's really annoying is that whenever we don't properly dance or we don't dance good enough, she'll lash out on us as if she's the best dancer in the whole freaking universe (one of my best friend told me she threatened to punch her if she doesn't dance properly) If I can, I'll do hip hop just to shut her up but despite that, I love her for who she is :)

[18] I am over protection with my friends. If one messes with my friends, I'll stand up for them. I don't care if I sound rude, I really care about my best friend. My circle of friends consists of five girls (no boys allowed :( sorry).

[19] I have a harsh side (everyone has). Whenever someone annoy me, I'll imagine them being tortured (+_+ so sorry).

[20] Get this, I am in seventh grade (soon to be eighth grade). There are these sixth grader girls who acts as though they are teenagers (I mean they are but they act so mature and I feel like they think they're way better than us)! I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT! They flip their hair and flirts with boys that are literally four grades away from them (I wanna punch something right now). There was a rumor (it turns out to be true) that someone in their grade bought wine/sake and they got drunk. And then there's me, who haven't even tasted one. My best friend said those sixth graders teased her for having a big chest! At least she even has a chest! Not like those sixth graders who were practically flat chested (not all sixth graders are bad but most of them are). They even began fighting with girls in higher level because of boys! DAMN!

[21] Whenever I feel irritated while writing, I'll take a cool shower to calm myself. Sometimes it doesn't work and I just write on my other (not published) stories.

[22] To be honest, I hate my way of writing! Sad to say but yes.

[23] My best friend (I have two best friends) were talking with each other in a flag ceremony when one of my bff were called to the stage because she won third place in poem writing. We clapped for her then resumed chatting. Then my best friend who I was talking with was called to stage because she won second place in poem writing. I laughed at her and teased her then I was suddenly called to stage because I won first place. Like how ironic, the three best friends winning the same poem writing contest, I love it ;)

[24] I am attracted to Bucky Barnes <3 (but damn him for being in caps team) But I'm still team Iron Man!

[25] Sometimes, I stay quiet whenever I don't feel accepted. It always happens. In the swimming team, the girls are always together and whenever I try to butt in, I won't be noticed. I always feel only a little bit hurt that's why I make friends to those new swimmers :)

That's all!

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