Chapter Four: Second Meeting

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From now on, I'll try to make my chapters 900-2000 words or less :)



A woman with honey blonde hair, beautiful leafy green eyes and ridiculously tall high heels stood before you with a yet to be solved good posture. Her vibrant and bright yellow dress matched her giddy and out going aura has, as well as the kind and welcoming smile curved upon her full lips. Behind her is a seemingly confident and woman of a few words, a rich in color purple streak dyed on her pitch black hair. She stood intimidatingly despite her laughable heigh, arms crossed and legs slightly apart. From that moment, you knew she was the kind of woman you did not want to mess with.

"Hello," The blonde chirps, "May we ask the direction of a book store?"

"Uh. . ." You started unsurely, eyes darting to every existing direction, "Sure."

The short haired woman smiles warmly at you, surprising you. "Thanks, my friend here really wanted to buy something for a friend of ours." She states, "I'm Gogo."

"I'm Honey Lemon! But call me Honey for short," The blonde interjects giddily, lifting a hand up in the air.

"I'm Jiyoon (Y/N). Call me (Y/N), I guess." You say, shifting on your spot uncomfortably.

You weren't finished cursing tons of profanities at the stupid, arrogant, short stack, good for nothing trouble maker who comes by the name of Hiro Hamada and you're slightly anxious you might burst your fury at the two innocent ladies. But nonetheless, you lead them to the nearest book store just around the corner. Your eye twitched, noticing the book store was right in front of the Lucky Cat Cafe.

Great. Just great. Isn't it wonderful? You thought grimly.

Here you are, standing next near the cashier with your arms folded, just waiting for the other two to finish looking for the book they are going to purchase. You didn't really want to stay but the fact Honey Lemon practically begged you in front of the whole customers in the book store made you do so. It would be embarrassing for her and for you to decline her offer.

"Finally!" The blonde exclaimed, happily jumping in the air. "I got the new book!"

"Isn't that nice?" You hissed under your breathe, "Can I go now?"

"Nope, not yet! For being so nice to me, I will introduce you to my friends." The blonde squeals.

Well my life sucks.

"And right one time!" Honey steps out of the store and waved her hand frantically, "Guys! Over here!"

"She's so. . . perky." You mumbled but you jolted when you heard Gogo interject.

"Well, there aren't a lot of people like her. You're lucky you met her. And I'm lucky too," She says, staring at the high heeled woman right outside.

"I guess." You replied absentmindedly, your jaw dropping as soon as you saw who was behind Honey Lemon when she emerged back to the book store.

"(Y/N)!" Honey pulled you close to her, "Meet my friend, Hiro Hamada! He's a robotics prodigy at SFIT! He graduated high school when he was thirteen years old! Isn't he cool and adorable?" As Honey Lemon gushed on ad on about Hiro, you and the said person already started a glaring contest.

"And I thought you were gone for good." Hiro hisses, hardly above a whisper.

"I could say the same thing to you." You spat back, hands clenching.

"You didn't think you can get rid of me that easy, did you?"

"If killing wasn't illegal, you're funeral would have been on going right now."

"Wait, is it my cue already to be terrified?" He rolled his eyes.


"You think you're so smart, don't you?" You growled, inching closer to him with seethed teeth. Hiro did the same. "Didn't you hear Honey Lemon earlier? I'm a freaking prodigy, of course I'm smart. Well, you wouldn't know that since you're too busy being a loser anyways." He shot back.

"Um, guys?" Gogo's voice rang. "Are you going to kiss each other? If you are, don't make it public. We don't want to see you two smooching or anything."

You finally realized how wrong your position was with Hiro. Your faces are millimeters away from each other, your forehead pressed against Hiro's. Everyone can easily think you two are going to kiss.

You two jumped away from each other, literally.

"Eww! Not with her! Never will I ever kiss her! Just look at her. . . uh, she's an asymmetrical garbage! I'd rather marry a garbage truck than being with this girl!" Hiro screams, pointing at you.

"You think I would kiss you? IN. YOUR. DREAMS." You spouted, frowning.

"More like nightmares. . ." You heard Hiro mutter but you didn't comment anything about it.

I don't know why I can still keep myself from struggling this piece of glitch in front of me. You thought, darkly.

"Hiro has a girlfriend?! Wow, congrats dude! You must have the charms." Turning around, you saw a guy with a beanie and a dark skinned man enter the book store, gaping at Hiro in shock.

"Fred! Wasabi! Good timing! Good timing! I want you to meet a new friend of mine!" Honey Lemon chirps happily as she pulls her two friends towards you. "Meet (Y/N)!"

The beanie guy didn't waste any time and asked you, "Are you Hiro's girlfriend?"

Ugh. Lot of explaining to do.


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