Chapter One: Bot Fighting

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In the midst of the cool, quiet and crispy night of San Fransokyo, an alley stayed awake with one blinking light post lightening up a certain area.

Scrawny teenagers with poorly and hastily made robots in hand surrounded the ring in the middle, watching with anticipating eyes as the current bot fight is coming to an obvious end.

The larger robot that a man named Jimin owns, tossed his opponent's robot out of the ring. Loud cheers and screams erupted in the quiet as Jimin collected his winnings, smirking as his opponent slunk away into the crowd.

"Who is brave enough to go against our long reigning bot fighting champion?" A woman with an eye patch screeches and the area turned deadly silent once again. A few of the teenagers lingered away from the alley as some of them hid their robots behind their backs.

Jimin rises from the pavement and hoisted his hands up in the air. "Are you all cowards? You can't even win a single fight with me? Pathetic," He spat, glowering at everyone.

Suddenly, you raised your hand up in the air. Everybody turns to your direction and sniggers at the sight of you. You didn't blame them. You wore a loose shirt, denim shorts, sneakers, and your hair is a mess. Not messy bun or messy pony tail, just messy.

"Beat it kid," Snarls Jimin with a mocking smirk, "Only people with money and good robot can fight. And it seems to me that," Jimin takes a glimpse of your cube like robot in your palm, "You don't have any of those. Go back home, little girl. You still have a loads of homework to do."

The little statement Jimin said made the whole crowd laugh and swoon. Irritation sparks inside you. And the snickers and judgmental comments echoing in the alley only fueled them.

"For your information," You begin, "I already did my homework back home and you're not my mother to tell me what to do. So, shut up."

You stuffed your hand into your pocket and showed everyone a million worth of an engagement ring. "Is this enough?" You asked innocently, shying away to add an effect on your innocent background.

The people all around eyed the ring in your fingers greedily. Even Jimin was doing the same, wanting the ring under his possession. He grins knowingly and threw his robot back into the ring.

"Game. On." He emphasizes every word.

You carefully placed the ring on the plate held by the hostess and sat on the cold pavement underneath, dusting it before doing so. You gently put your cube of a robot into the ring and took out your controller from your pocket, turning it on.

Jimin's bot strides over to your seemingly useless cube. His smirk grew when his robot clutched your robot with its noodle like arm, ready to throw it out off the ring.

All of a sudden, four metal arms sprouted from the cube and slashed the hand the held it. Jimin's bot staggers away and he frowned, completely unamused and annoyed by your surprise attack. He glanced up at your figure and saw how nonchalant and emotionless you are as you played onwards.

Your cube circled around the opponent's robot, almost taunting it to make a move. As wished for, the robot lunged to take your cube with its other good arm, only for it to dodge the attack. A driller came showing up from your cube and drilled its way into the other robot's metal chest, causing it to stop.

The driller returned back and the four arms gathered Jimin's robot and tosses it out of the ring.

Everyone is silent as you savored and collected your prizes, plucking your mother's ring as well. "That was unexpected. I never knew I had it in me until I won. Beginners luck, I suppose." You faced the Jimin smugly, "Ready for another round, long reigning champion?" You mimicked from earlier, stifling a giggle.

Humiliated, Jimin's rose up from his spot and shoved his way out of the alley, muttering a long string of profanities under his breathe. You resisted the urge to stick your tongue out to him, to mock him the same way he did.

"Anymore challengers? No? Okay, I'm going." You motioned to leave the area when a preteen voice pipes in.

"Can I try?" It was male.

You spun around and caught sight of a boy around your age, fiddling with his mildly cute robot. He has a messy blob of raven hair, hazelnut brown eyes, and a lanky figure. He wore a red shirt, blue jacket, beige shorts and sneakers.

Typical boy next door look.

You thought about it for a moment. One more fight can't hurt.

Then your wrist watch began beeping, neon lights blinking with the noise. You looked down and gasped lightly, realizing how late you are.

You faced the kid. "Sorry but I gotta go." You stayed hastily, causing the crowd to boo.

"Why? You scared?" He teases playfully, wiggling his eyebrows.

You fumed a little bit, offended by his assumption. You were far from scared and you badly wanted to show him wrong. But alas, you need to get back home, into your room, before your over protective uncle catches you gone.

You took your robot. "Whatever!" You yell and sprinted away, ignoring the yells and calls for you.

The cold breeze of the night blew the strands of your hair away from your face, your (HAIR COLOR) hair flying behind you. You whizzed by pedestrians, not bothering to apologize to those you accidentally bump into.

Adrenaline courses throughout your body as you skillfully hop over the wooden fence to your lawn, climb up the mango tree near your window, and enter your room without making any unnecessary noise that might give away your escape. Just as you were taking out your sneakers, something caused you to freeze in the slightest.

Your head snapped up and your heart soar high in fear when you hears heavy footsteps plummeting on the wooden pavement. You kicked away your sneakers, tossed your wrist watch and robot under your pillow, and pull up your blanket to your chin right time before your door eerily opened.

You forced your rapidly beating heart and ragged breathe to calm down. As soon as you heard the door close and soft foot steps slowly walking into the distance, you heaved a sigh and stated blankly at the mildly lit ceiling above you.

Your mind drifted back to he boy earlier. Your blood boiled at the thought of him.

Me? Scared? Pfft. I'll show him next time.

Then you let sleep consume you.


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