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Trouble Maker (Hiro Hamada X Reader) by ReynaJessica
Trouble Maker (Hiro Hamada X pashnea
"I'll keep shaking your heart, so you can't escape me. I will steal your lips, and run far away. I'm a trouble maker." You are a fifteen year old teenager with...
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Troubled sister by thenightshift_1
Troubled sisterby thenightshift_1
Hailey Alister is 15 years old. Her brother is drew Alister, one of the doctors during the night shift. Hailey has been through a lot and it just keeps getting worse.
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Cross Your Heart (Tadashi x Reader) by RioftheSouthernIsles
Cross Your Heart (Tadashi x Reader)by Mariah • Queen of BH6
"You and me, we're in a club now." When you first met Tadashi Hamada, he was just as big of a robotics nerd as you were. Both of you had the same dreams: to be...
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Hiro Hamada ↠ Same Sky by Clyree
Hiro Hamada ↠ Same Skyby vitamin cee
Together or not, Hiro and Y/N knew that as they look up, they're seeing the same sky. started: 04.26.16 ended: 02.11.17 disclaimer: I do not own Big Hero 6 or any of the...
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Tangled Up in You (Hiro x Reader) by returningloves
Tangled Up in You (Hiro x Reader)by 🎐
Tangled!AU, Hiro x Reader ~~~ {Just replace the characters in Tangled with the ones in BH6} All her life, (Y/N) wanted to see those mysterious lights that glowed every n...
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Someone to Hang On To (Big Hero 6 x Reader)   by bh60421
Someone to Hang On To (Big Hero inactive
Y/n was a 14 year-old prodigy who lived a happy life with her parents, aiming to get to her dream college, SFIT, also known as the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology...
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A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader) by -fromthehallows
A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)by -allegro-
Who would have known that at the age of 14, you would have been facing great tragedies? With your father dead and your mom left severely depressed and weak, you had made...
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Healing the Past by missscarlatti713
Healing the Pastby Carrie
Team One is still feeling the loss of Lou...especialy Spike. Someone new joins the team and manages to catch his eye. BUt her past has pain too. Slight Criminal MInds re...
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The Monster You've Become by shrekyardigans
The Monster You've Becomeby shrekyardigans
Callaghan is given a special... 'Sycorax' treatment, by it's very special... owner. SPOILERS FOR SERIES 2 OF BIG HERO 6 THE SERIES. I do not and never ever will own Big...
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All I Need (A Flashpoint Fanfic) by missscarlatti713
All I Need (A Flashpoint Fanfic)by Carrie
What if Eddie had a sister? What if she joined the team? Jessica Lane joins Team One after Lew's death. Follow her triumphs and hardships with her new team as she balanc...
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My Big Hero 6 Rants by RioftheSouthernIsles
My Big Hero 6 Rantsby Mariah • Queen of BH6
I've joined the land of rants! I'm 100% sure that my family is tired of hearing of my love of the movie, so I'll be posting it all here. Big Hero 6 is definitely my fav...
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Big Hero 6: Callaghan's Return by baymax_lover015
Big Hero 6: Callaghan's Returnby Ciel Phantomhive
The Big Hero 6 gang was relieved when Callaghan was put into jail, but now relieved doesn't even come close to describe it. Callaghan's back, and this time he has help f...
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Flashover by FFIT81
Flashoverby FFIT81
Fanfiction of Team One of the Strategic Response Unit
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A Hiro's Promise by shrekyardigans
A Hiro's Promiseby shrekyardigans
Post the Season Finale. The Countdown to Catastrophe is over, but Hiro Hamada still has a promise to make... for a former enemy. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE SEASON...
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Secrets at SFIT by HoneyLemcn
Secrets at SFITby Honey Lemon
What happens when a new student at SFIT finds out secrets...secrets that weren't meant to be exposed, and now your life is in danger. Well this happens when new student...
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I Must Be Dreaming by CellophaneSoldier
I Must Be Dreamingby Sydney LeeAnn
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Life Like This by absurdity
Life Like Thisby Aikka
My life was normal. I was that teenager that secluded herself with books and fictional characters. I rarely go out of the house and I stuff myself with food that will pr...
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I Don't Love You(a Hirogo Fanfic)[Discontinued] by sunshine_jellyfish
I Don't Love You(a Hirogo Fanfic)[ Tay Tay ♪
The War has started. Callaghan has broke out of jail, and figured out how to make microbots move on their own. Almost all of San Fransokyo is gone. And the worst part? I...
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Reunited by Kelschiz
Reunitedby Kelsey Chizmar
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