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Hello, Jessica here once again.

Now before you go commenting on the comment section below, let me inform you something.

I am not going to make a sequel.

Yes, yes, you can stop commenting now before it gets too much. Wait, it's already hell down there? *cue fire on the background and maniac laughing*

I don't feel like making a sequel for this story. I know some of you are disappointed that there's no surprise sequel like I had done with Loving My Rival. I just feel like making a sequel will ruin this story and mend your feels when the real reason I made this story is to ruin your feels //slapped

Not all love stories are meant to end happily so . . . . yeah.

So no, I am officially not going to make a sequel.

But to make you feel better, here's a virtual cookie (.::.)

Here, have some more (.::.) (.::.) (.::.) (.::.) (.::.) (.::.) (.::.) (.::.)  (.::.) (.::.) (.::.) (.::.) (.::.) (.::.)

Thank you for all those who supported this story, I love you and mwa mwa chup chup. For those readers who stuck by Loving My Rival, Mean Heart and to this story, I am currently on my way to the airport to give you the biggest hug ever!

Sincerely, ReynaJessica

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