Chapter Seventeen: Beckoned

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You chose to reject Hiro's offer.

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Remember, the out come of the story depends on your decision. Choosing the wrong decision have some consequences.

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"Sorry Hiro, but, I'm kinda waiting for someone. Maybe next time." You replied, shrugging.

You were blunt with your answer but you did not know the strong effect it had on the younger Hamada. Mustering a convincing grin he had practiced over the years without his brother's warm presence, he told you it was fine and rushed back up to his room with quick and heavy foot steps, his head lowered in disappointment.

"Stupid, stupid! Of course she wouldn't accept!" You heard Hiro mutter to himself before he disappeared.

Sorry Hiro, but there are more important things for me to handle at the moment.

To be honest, you would rather hang out with that prodigy than waiting for someone who was supposedly a missing puzzle in your life. Taking a sit back at your recent spot, you continued to wait impatiently for the sender of the letter. Seconds extended to minutes and minutes extended to long and painfully slow hours until your grain sized patience wore off.

"Maybe I could check on Hiro." You told yourself as you stood up and began making your way towards the staircase only to stop when your stomach grumbled, unfortunately gaining a few unwanted attention from the nearby people. Blushing, you instantly made your way to the bathroom downstairs (just go with it). After doing your business, you washed your hands. From the corner of your eye, you saw a figure pass by. Turning, you noticed a small paper stuck between the hinges of the bathroom door.

The hell is that?

Out of curiosity, you plucked it and saw a logo of some kind of bird.

What is this?

You went out and sat back on your seat, resuming your boring waiting game.

Glancing outside, you noticed a cloaked figure staring right at you. You two gazed at each other for a few seconds before the figure beckoned you to come before it disappeared into the darkness of the alley. Wasting no time, you gathered courage in your endless pit of boldness before running after the mystery person, not thinking twice as you crossed the road.

I can't lose that person!

You were too deeply immersed in your own determination that you did not notice a humongous vehicle speeding to for left, unable to notice your presence. Just as the driver spotted you, you felt every single bone of your body ache in pain as it hit you, crimson pooling around you like vultures. Lying on the cold and unforgiving pavement, you tried to make out the features of the people circling around you despite the pain and blurriness of your sight. You could hear the muffled screams and whispers of the people all around and it only added to the physical pain you felt.

"Hiro. . ." You whispered, reaching out in front of you only to find yourself taking your last and final breathe.

You were beckoned. To your death.

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