Chapter Nine: Baymax

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I just finished Pokémon Glazed and now I don't know what to do with my life *plays Pokemon emerald*

Wait, I'm also finished with Pokemon Emerald. . . maybe I should update. . .

*watches Pokemon all the way from season one*

Yeah, I'm still at episode twenty :3 Pikachu is so dayum cute.








Those words cannot come close to the undescribable emotion that has been nudging your nerves for quite some time now. You are more than just normal kind of pissed off, whatever the next one is what you are enduring at the current time. Your short circuited patience that is in a high level of extinction drifted magically drifted away and transformed into a dirty speck of dust. Even a catching a small and quick glimpse of Hiro or that snobby Kathryn can make you go insane out of sheer fury.

With a low grunt escaping your lips, you flipped from channel to channel, in an all out desperate hunt for even a mildly interesting show to satisfy your need for entertainment. You let out an annoyed scoff when you returned to the previous channel where a bubble gum commercial played on like a broken record, it was constantly playing on the said channel way too much for the viewers, such as yourself, liking that theme song of the commercial is sewn for eternity at the back of your mind. If you weren't such in a foul mood, you could've hummed the tune of it.

You threw the remote away, making it land safely on the other side of the unoccupied space of the couch, "Stupid day, stupid life, stupid Hiro, stupid Kathryn, stupid everything." You complained under your breathe, rubbing your ashy white knuckles.

That fateful day after you and Hiro crossed path with an annoying and attention seeking girl who goes by the name of Kathryn Bernard, he didn't show up or even lingered ghostly near your residency. He is oddly quiet, no messages, video chats, or irritating prank calls coming from him. You assumed he was busy flirting or hanging out with that Kathryn girl but you remembered how he told you about being busy in SFIT.

Maybe that's the reason.

You rose up from the couch and stretched, heaving out a satisfied sigh when you felt your muscles loosen and unknot in the slightest. You trudged into the creme tiled kitchen in your loose jogging pants and over sized shirt, stealing a few snacks from the sweet jar before slipping back to your room, not bothering to turn off the television.

You closed the door of your room and as suspected earlier, the channel immediately changed. Your uncle Patrick has been eyeing the television the moment you turned it on this morning. You knew well about the baseball game your uncle has been watching and following for the last two weeks, and today was the live championship. He is a huge fan of baseball (at one occasion, you entered his room and it was a baseball wonderland. That's probably the last time you'll go in there) and since you still can't let go of the resentment you have for him, you decided to linger near the television for ten dreadful minutes purposely to make him anxious all about the sport competition.

A familiar noise rang in your ears all of a sudden, the sound bouncing off the walls. Your head snapped to the direction of your phone and grabbed it, checking the message you received.

Trouble Maker

Hey (Y/N)! Come at my lab? I wanna show you something!

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