Chapter Five: Dinners Are Never Good

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"What's up with Hiro and (Y/N)? They look like they're going to murder each other right in front of us." You heard Fred whisper to the beautiful sweet blonde next to him.

Honey Lemon shrugs. "I don't know."

Gogo suddenly interjects, snapping her attention away from you. "I think they are not very fond of each other."

You and Hiro sat across each other, with a large and long dinning table separating you two. Your eyes blazed with anger and annoyance as you shot sharp daggers at the Hamada, and not surprisingly, he was doing the same. It was a good thing a table is in between, for you wouldn't know if you will be able to hold back from throwing your bread knife at him.

The time Honey Lemon introduced you to the gang, they instantly took a liking towards you. Except for one certain person. Nobody is gonna hide the fact it's Hiro Hamada, it was pretty obvious by the way he was ignoring you and making sharp comments about you while you all made your way to Fred's mansion.

"Um, guys?" Wasabi speaks to gain attention, "We're at the dinning table. Manners please."

"Why don't you just go away so I can have manners like Wasabi is talking about?" Hiro growls, gripping his fork tightly.

You scoffed. "Manners? Where in the world will you ever get those? From what I learned, manners doesn't exist in jerks." You retorted, narrowed eyes boring holes into his soul.

"I'm not a jerk." He utters under his breathe.

"Then who or what are you?"

"I'm Hiro Hamada."

"Sounds like a jerk's name to me." You crossed your arms, averting your eyes from him.

He snorts loudly, and you can actually hear him sneer. "Oh please. Don't think your name is any better. Jiyoon (Y/N), who would ever want that name? When I heard you introduce yourself earlier at the cafe, all I can hear was L-O-S-E-R." Hiro makes an L shape with his hand and stuck his tongue out to you childishly.

(To those who are named Jiyoon, don't be offended. I actually like that name a lot.)

"Me? A loser? Really? Says the guy who's desperate enough to black mail me to bot fight with him."

Honey gasps. "Bot fight? Hiro, you're still bot fighting?" She exclaims out loud, yet the two of you ignored her.

"I am not desperate. I just want to show everyone I'm the best in bot fighting and I will not let a pesky girl like you beat me." Hiro quips, standing up and slamming his hands on the table.

You copied his exact movements, except much harsher and violent than his. "Can't you let it go already? It's not like the end of the world if you don't fight with me!" You hollered back, a scowl twisting on your face.

"Okay now, calm down now. This is nothing to be worked up about." Interjects Gogo Tomago, standing and gently clamping her surprisingly gentle and soft hands upon your shoulders, pushing you back down to your seat.

Not yet. I am not going to finish this without a fight.

Yet, out of sheer fury, you shrugged her hands away violently. "No! This is something to get worked up about!" You pointed an accusing finger to Hiro's chest, "You don't have the right to insult me or criticize me or anything that is mildly near with that! I never did anything to you and here you are, doing exactly that and what else do you do? Put me on a tower to make me agree to bot fight with you! I mean, who does that anyway? Apparently, you! Tell me, is that not a desperate person's move?"

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