Chapter Twenty: Dead End

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You chose to hide.

If you haven't made your decision yet, visit chapter nineteen.

Remember, the out come of the story depends on your decision. Choosing the wrong decision have some consequences.

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I rushed this chapter so please excuse all my mistakes! Lab you <3


Without any hesitation circling your system, you immediately grasp Kathryn's wrist and pulled her into the nearest alley way you could find. Ignoring the brunette's loud and very much obnoxious protests for you to let go of her wrist, you glanced over your shoulder only to see the person in hoodie sprinting after you with quick and light foot steps, hiding the dagger in his outfit. Your heart accelerated in an inhumane pace as you felt adrenaline surge through your soul.

You made various turns to at least lose the dangerous stranger closing in behind you. The both of you had close calls colliding with the walls due to your uncontrollable speed. Taking another glimpse back, you can still make out the person running after you in the distance, it's cold gaze never leaving you.

Damn it! Why is he still after us? We should have lost him already!

Your attention redirected at Kathryn's puzzled and freaked out expression, letting colorful vocabulary escape her mouth. You frowned in realization before snatching your handkerchief tucked in your pocket. Using your unoccupied hand, you shoved the soft cloth into her mouth to shut her up.

"Be quiet!" You quietly scolded her before making another round only to meet a dead end. No. . .

"(Y/N), can you please tell me what's wrong with you?" Kathryn demanded quite loudly after taking the handkerchief out of her mouth, much to your dismay, as she ran a hand through her currently knotted light brown locks.

We need to hide.

Just as you noticed her opening her mouth to yet speak another forbidden statement, you slapped a hand over her lips and guided her deeper into the dead end. "This is bad, really bad." You kept muttering to yourself, darting your eyes one direction to another until you spotted a seemingly unlocked garage door. Beaming in satisfaction, you tugged Kathryn to the garage door and turned the knob only for not to budge.

Of course it's locked! Damn cliches!

"(Y/N), you're really starting to freak me out." Kathryn admitted bashfully, eyes glistening in fear and confusion. But mostly with fear.

"Let's hide first." You murmured as you slammed yourself on the locked door with all for strength and might, trying to knock the door down.

"Why do we need to hide?"

"Because," You hissed, glaring at her, "we need to. Now shut up and help me get this door open."

Kathryn stars rooted on her spot, just watching you slam the door open. All of a sudden, it did flung open and you toppled on the person who opened the door. You came face to face with a pair of familiar brown eyes, making you blush in embarrassment.

"Hiro," You uttered in reflex.

"(Y/N)?" He stammers out.

You parted your mouth to make a snappy remark or stammer out a ridiculously bad lie only for you to stand up, pull Kathryn in the garage before slamming the door closed.

You signed happily. We're safe.


You chose right!


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