Chapter Thirty: End [2]

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Terrified gasps erupted from the groups of heroes while you stayed still, eyes wide. Your heart is beating faster than normal due to the fear and adrenaline rushing through your body. You were trembling and it felt like someone just dropped cold water behind your back.

A bomb? Inside me?

"N-No way. Is that even possible?" Wasabi asks to himself as he paces back and forth, running his palm over his face.

"From what I have read from comics, yes, it is one hundred percent true." Fred interjected but his tone was neutral, his usually energized soul now gone.

"This is terrible!" Honey shouted, covering her mouth as tears threatened to spill from her eyes. She had never encountered a situation like this before so she had a hard time sinking in the information given to them.

You were stunned and afraid, absolutely void of any positivity. You traced the awful scar with light touches and pressed a hand on your stomach. Certainly, there was something inside. You could feel the metal hitting your insides.

"You piece of - " Hiro tried to attack Krei again when Gogo held him back.

"Let me go!" Hiro bellowed, now writhing like his life depended on it, "Come here, you coward!"

"Careful, Hiro! He has the button, he can activate the bomb any time he wants! Don't make reckless decisions under the power of emotions!" Gogo told him, jaw tightening for she was also affected by the whole predicament.

"Hiro, please calm down, your blood level is rising and it is not good for your health." Baymax interjects, approaching Hiro.

"You." Hiro pointed at Krei after Gogo released him from her iron like grip, "What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you doing this? Did you forget to take your pills today or are you really just that inane?"

(And yes, inane is a word, look it up and stop commenting how it should be "insane". I can see through you from my screen O___O *stares into your soul*)

"I'm glad you asked." Krei says before glowering at us, finally replacing his smirking mask. "When you saved me from Robert Callaghan, I watched as everything I have worked for, my business, my company, get destroyed by all of you. You didn't care whether my work, which I spent my entire life making, is destroyed! All you wanted to do was save and save and save but while you were all busy doing just that, you didn't see the people you were stepping on. People like me! Do you know how hard it was for me to make that business? I'd been through thick and thin, to hell and back, just to become successful but you did nothing to save my works! How can you call yourselves heroes?"

Krei lets out a sigh then without warning, he pushed the red button and you slammed back down on the ground, screaming in pain and trembling. "But now, I'll have my revenge." He ventured lowly.

NO! You thought before kneeling, a hand over your stomach as you held back your pained screams.

"The bomb!" Honey screamed, pointing.

"(Y/N)!" Wasabi shouts.

Hiro could no longer hold back his bubbling emotions. None dared to prevent him from dashing over to Krei and giving him a strong blow on the stomach, causing the said man to double over in pain and fall on the ground, back first.

"Bust (Y/N) out of there!" Hiro commanded the gang and they obliged, rushing to your cell in hurried steps as you tried to win over the pain you felt.

Hiro turned and grabbed Krei by his collar, forcing him to lock eyes with the fourteen year old. "You're sick." He spat out.

"He is?" Baymax questions, popping his head over Hiro's shoulder. "I do not see any problems in his health --"

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