Chapter Fifteen: Sincerely

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The day you found out about Hiro fooling you about his so called life and death amnesia he had, you practically begged and pleaded on your knees to your uncle to discharge you in the cursed hospital as soon as possible, in hopes for an easy escape route from that sneaky Hamada, an attempt to keep yourself from shoving your fist on his face out of fury. You knew leaving like that can make him anxious, confused and worried and you knew you're going to be the first person he would want to confront as soon as he leaves the hospital.

You genuinely, sincerely, cared for Hiro's state, and it only increased when he spout out about his amnesia, which turns out to be an act. And as of the moment, you cannot feel anything but hate and resentment towards Hiro Hamada. To think you actually worried for him, his brother, the fire and everything, made you feel like a complete fool.

At least one good thing happened that day. Honey Lemon recently informed you that Kathryn Bernard is being treated nicely in another and a very much more luxurious hospital, which was unfortunately located at another country. Honey Lemon somewhat managed to visit her there in a short period of time and phoned you up to tell you Kathryn is responding quite positively to the tests, and deep down inside of you, you were not contented. Knowing she's badly damaged due to the awful accident that took place a few weeks ago made you anxious. You wanted to fly to wherever she is and find out if she really is doing fine. And maybe beat her up too, just for fun.

"(Y/N)," Patrick peers into your room, "Someone is here for you."

Annoyed, you grunted out, "Who?"

"Hiro Hamada."

Hearing his mere name sent a nuclear bomb into your stomach, cringing when you felt your cooling temper rise to the boiling point. Seriously?

"Tell him I have amnesia and I don't remember him." You hissed out with a venomous tone, teeth grinding.

Patrick sighs, disappointment evident on his features. "(Y/N). . ."

"Patrick. . ." You mimicked him in mockery, rolling your eyes as you did.

Your uncle walks over to where you are and sat beside you, wrapping a comforting arm around your shoulder, giving you a side hug that he rarely does. "You've been cooped in your room for three days, (Y/N). I think it'll be good for your health to talk to a friend or take a walk outside." He suggests.

"I'm perfectly fine." You huffed out with your arms automatically crossing in annoyance. "I don't need a friend or that stupid Hiro Hamada. And do I look like I enjoy the outside world? I have a reason why I always stay inside, you know."

It's because I hate people.

Patrick could only let out a sigh of failure as he glances out your window, his arm slowly loosening its grip around you, which you were quite glad about.  He stands up, making the bed creak at the sudden change of weight.

"I'll tell him to leave then?" He asks.

"Well, duh? What gives you the idea I want to see him? Shoo, tell him to go away." You hissed.

Minutes after your uncle left your small quiet place mostly known as your sacred room, you found yourself peering through the small gap of your slightly ajar window, curious right when you realized Patrick was currently talking to the younger Hamada. You saw his familiar blob of raven hair from where you were and you made extra sure to keep yourself hidden. Their small conversation was inaudible due to the distance yet you can make out some of their words.

". . . . tell her I'm sorry."

Your heart nearly stopped at his words, even time seemed to slow down while you processed his words. You felt a sensation of odd and indescribable feelings flood your stomach, making you anxious, excited, contented and happy and more of the sort. All just for his simple apology.

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