Chapter Ten: This Is Not Finding Cinderella

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A long chapter.


Your mouth hung open. "This is her house?"

Hiro nodded. "It looks like it." He replies without the need to glance your way. He already knew what he would see when he looks at you.

Absolute shock.

Presented before the two of you is the so called simple and ordinary house of the Bernard residency, that somehow surpassed the term mansion and palace. Maybe this was the Greek gods manor. It was somewhat bigger and better than those two words combined, if that was even possible in earth. You couldn't even compare it to Fred's mansion sized house. Observing the ridiculous excuse of a house with big eyes, you took in the magnificent sight without being blinded by the lights built right above the house.

There was a tree aligned avenue to the large porch and a fountain at one side and an average looking cottage at the other one. Looking down, you saw a maroon colored carpet stretch out all the way to the porch, where two large vases of exotic flowers stood at either side.

Hiro nudged you, snapping you away from your dumb struck trance. "This is not what I expected." You admitted, an invisible sweat drop forming on your forehead.

At a single glance, you knew Kathryn is one of those spoiled brats that practically had everything they wanted and overly sensitive being with people she labels as commoners.

If you think that's an exaggerated description, there's a sign outside their gate that reads;

No uninvited or poor people allowed.

Sincerely from the Bernard Family.

She's one of those girls that are too rich and protected from the cold reality that they don't know the meaning of self reliance, hard work, pain and even the simple word kindness. She's wealthy, richer than what you expected but you didn't prepare yourself to learn that she was this rich.

"Let's just get inside," Hiro suggests, yanking you by the arm. He wore a white shirt with a slightly crumpled vest on top, a loose tie, black beige shorts, and a pair of nice looking shoes.

You obeyed, tearing your eyes from the house. You walked on the maroon carpet all the while with your head down to the ground to avoid awkward eye contacts from the gardeners, butlers and maids. As you stood on the porch, you two fought over who was going to push the doorbell.

"It looks there's only one way to settle this," You murmured to him.

Hiro nods. "Rock, paper, scissors."

In the end, you won with a gun while Hiro lost with a paper. Hiro seethed his teeth in annoyance as he pushed the doorbell, muttering something about guns being illegal in the game. A few seconds passed and the door swung open, revealing a beautiful looking Kathryn Bernard. She wore a fitting green dress that hugged her slightly visible curves, blue high heels and a black head band held her perfectly curled light brown hair in place. As expected, being the birthday celebrant this evening, she should stand out more than the others.

She didn't have to worry about you gaining more attention than her. Looking down at your clothes, you sighed. A simple fitting shirt with the words core and pride embroidered in front, leggings, some bracelets hanging loosely on your wrist and flats. Your hair is still styled naturally (STRAIGHT/CURLY).

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