Chapter Twelve: Not Gonna Lose You

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The humongous and well built house presented right before your eyes is slowly being enveloped by the wrath of the burning hot flames, the once beautiful blend of orange and red twisting and transforming into something monstrous, something that can takes lives. The bright fire consumed and occupied every single space of the house, not a single spot worthy to be entitled as safe. The smoke coming from it wafted into the sky like ghostly spirits.

You tried to move, but it felt like your feet are rooted firmly on your ground. Fear races through your mind and body, an undescribable adrenaline coursing though your veins quicker than anything in the universe. Finally, you snapped and got over the overwhelming sensation rested upon your shoulders as you took off sprinting towards the direction of the burning house. As you ran, you watched as the party guests practically killed each other as they attempted to overtake each other, desperate to get to safety.

Shoot! The gang!

Your heart throbbed against your chest foolishly, negative thoughts and terrifying scenarios pilling up as your friends crossed your mind, causing you to pick up your pace with ease. Your adrenaline and worry died down the minute you saw a familiar outline of five people just right outside the gate, watching as the house is slowly eaten by the unmerciful fire.

"Guys!" You yelled, "Are you guys okay?"

They nodded simultaneously, their breathing short and ragged as they slowly regained their ability to speak.

"What happened?" You asked, finally.

"We don't know. Kathryn was giving an apology speech when the fire started," Wasabi responds, clutching a hand over his chest to maintain calm. And probably to avoid collapsing out of fear.

You saw Gogo at the side of your eye. She was limping and using Honey Lemon as a support. Turning to her direction, you gasped when you noticed the horrible injury on her ankle. It was swollen, purple creeping in at the area she was injured.

"What happened to you?" You asked once again, kneeling down to check at the bruising ankle.

Gogo grunts when he felt your cold fingers gently brush against her ankle. "Turns out the chandelier is not as beautiful as it seems. It fell off from the ceiling and landed on my ankle." The short haired woman replies as she takes a limping step back.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt. . . .

"Whoa. . ." You riveted your attention to the awed fan boy a few steps away from you, his jaw slowly but visibly inching down and his eyes sparkles, "This. Is. Totally. Cool."

If you all were in an anime, all of you would have been sweat dropping at his oblivion. "That's our Fred," Honey sighs out, chuckling sheepishly at her friend.

"Wait, where's Hiro?" You whirls around cans caught sight of the fourteen year old staring at the burning house. His expression matches Fred's perfectly yet the only emotion you can see swirling in his eyes is fear. His body trembled and his Adam's apple moved when he swallowed.

Concerned for his well being, you approached him cautiously, hesitantly settling a hand over his sagged shoulder. He stiffens upon your contact and he grudgingly look over his shoulder, connecting your gazes together. Fear and horror killed the light in his brown eyes, and you noticed how shaky he was.

"I-I. . .I. ." He tried to speak, only to splutter all the words he tried to let go. Tears made his eyes glassy.

It broke your heart to see him like this. "I know," You murmured as you pulled him into an embrace, a desperate attempt to comfort him, "You don't need to say anything."

"I remembered Tadashi. . ." He bellows with a shaky tone, not thinking twice as he wrapped his arm around you.

"It's okay to cry, you know?" You reminded. "But you need to wash my clothes after yo cry on it."

Hiro pulls away, a sad smile carved on his lips. "Geez, what a way to cheer me up." He jokes.

Your party of triumph for being successful to make Hiro smile (though its a sad smile) is cut off short when you noticed a strange absence of a certain brunette. An odd and worrying feeling settled in inside your stomach, making it twist and churn nervously.

"Guys," You started with a shaky breathe, "Where's Kathryn?"

They exchanged worried looks with one another before gaping back once again at the house. Their horrified expression is an enough answer for you.

"Damn it!" You cursed as you ran towards the direction of the house in full speed, neglecting the gang's hollers for you to come back. You heart raced as you find yourself losing your balance due to your anxiousness. You stumbled forward and landed horribly onto the ground, wincing as your cheek grazed on the rough pavement.


You managed to stand up without any complaints coming out of your mouth, the throbbing pain on your cheek almost losing its sting as you fully realized how Kathryn's life is in the end of the line if you don't make a move.


Spinning around, you saw Hiro running up to you and took an iron grip on your arm. He tugs it. "What do you think you're doing?" He snaps, glaring at you.

"I need to save Kathryn," You replied, brows furrowed as you sent a wavering glance at the porch a few meters away from you. The thought of leaving someone, especially if it was some you know, in a verge of danger or death is just sickening.

You needed to do something.

"It's too dangerous! You can't make it out alive! We don't even know if she's still alive in there!" Hiro fought back, a tear escaping his eye.

"Someone has to help." You stated with a demanding voice, but fear and second thoughts laced somewhere on it.

Hiro is breathing heavily and the hand he was using to grip you tightened. "That's exactly what Tadashi said before he died! Please (Y/N), don't make the same mistake." He whispers, his tone desperate as his glassy eyes looked right into yours, "I already lost someone important, I can't afford to lose another one."

I'm. . . important to him?

"I'm sorry," He suddenly says.


"Sorry if I have to do this!" Hiro pushes you back and ran inside instead.

"HIRO!" You screamed after him, watching as he enters the flame consumed household without turning back.

Before you could even take a step forward in order to follow him, you fell unconscious.



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