Chapter Twenty Six: Time Doesn't Wait

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You chose to tell a lie.

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"Nothing, disregard everything I said. It wasn't very important anyways." You said, rubbing your arm.

Hiro gave you an uncertain look. "Are you sure?"

"Very sure."

"How sure?"

"Very sure."

"Very very sure?"

You growled and crossed your arms. "Yes, Hiro. I'm also very, very sure. Does that not satisfy you?"

Hiro pouted before grinning. "Very much."

You rolled your eyes. "You're such a dimwit." You banter, which isn't entirely a tease.

"Hey, don't underestimate this," Hiro pointed at his head, or more precisely, his brain.

You snorted, "What? Your empty head?"

He fumed. "No, my awesome brain." He scowled.

You laughed out loud. "Oh yeah? I bet you can't even flirt with a girl with that amazing brain of yours."

Hiro smirked smugly. "That's not true. I can flirt with a girl." He stated proudly.

"Oh yeah, prove it then. Flirt with me."

"(Y/N), I specifically said I can flirt with girls. In what part are you a girl?"

Your eyes widened at his insulting statement. Glowering at him, you took a step closer at him and straightened your back, trying to look taller and more intimidating in front of Hiro. He swallowed nervously to which you smirk at.

"You're not much of a man." You sneered.

Hiro flushed in embarrassment and annoyance. "I am a man." He stammered.

You chuckled, knowing you had him losing his own game. "In what part are you a man?"

"In my. . ."

"OKAY!" You cut him off, especially when you saw where his eyes were trailing to.

(All my dirty jokes are infecting others, someone stop me before I accidentally make this story into smut)

Hiro huffed. "You started it." He grumbled.

"Well you continued it!" You defended.

You two argued in the middle of the sidewalk, ignoring all the stares you were attracting.

"You know what, forget it! I'm going home!" You turned your back towards Hiro and was about to walk away when he called after you.

"Wait! I still want to prove you I can flirt with girls! I even have a pick up line! Are you a tower, (Y/N)?" Hiro yelled after you.

You turned to him with an irritated stare. "No."

Hiro pouted. "Come on, just ask why?"

"Fine, why?"

"Because Eiffel for you!"

("I fell" for you. You know, the wine advertisement in the Phil? Damn, I hated that ad)

You groaned. Damn, that was good.

"So, were you moved by my pick up line?" Hiro joked, winking at you.

"You look like an idiot." You snapped, blue tinting your cheeks.

Hiro chuckled. "A cute idiot?"

"No," You replied, "Far from that."

You shook your head at Hiro's stupidity before walking away, glad you two were in good terms. But was it a good idea to lie to him?


Opening the front door, you expected your uncle Patrick to come and tend you but what you didn't expect was his dead body on the floor, a knife impales through his chest and a note on the floor.

You covered your mouth to keep yourself from screaming.

First Hiro and now. . . oh God, please, don't let this be true.

You touched the blood that stained the floor and cried, knowing it was reality. You grabbed the note and read it.

I'm waiting



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