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This story is dedicated to two of my all time favorite authors. I've been stalking them before I even made my Wattpad account and they inspired me to write and write even though I suck.

Credits to Agent_Mintz-Johnson for the former cover


"He's alive." You repeated, clutching the paper tightly in your grasp.

Abigail Callaghan nods. "He is. And you won't be getting him until you do me a favor." She says and you can nearly sense the sneering in her tone.

With an audible swallow, you spoke. "What is it?"

"Oh, it's really simple." Abigail stands up from her seat and slid the red folder to you. You hesitantly flipped open the folder and your heart dropped to the pit of your stomach. It was a picture of Big Hero Six, a group of super heroes in San Fransokyo, the same heroes Hiro is obsessed over.

"Find them." She starts. "And give them to me."

You carefully closed the folder. "What do you want from them?" You asked, hands clenching and crumpling the neat folder.

"It's a personal issue." She answers with a deadpanned expression. "So do we have a deal?"

"I find them and bring them to you then I get him back?" You questioned.

She nodded, smirking. "Oh yeah. That's the deal."

You heaved a sigh and set the folder down, finding sudden interest on your muddy sneakers.

"I'll do it." You reply, quietly regretting your answer as soon as it left your lips.

"Excellent." Abigail exclaims, smiling darkly. "You won't fail me, right, (Y/N)? I have a lot of faith in you, you know."

"Hopefully not."

Abigail shrugs. "Remember, bring them to me or else, you will regret even being born."


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