Chapter Eight: Kathryn Bernard

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I know, I know, this story has a slow pace but don't worry, I'm working on it using my 101% of my imagination. This story has low reads than the others, but honestly, I enjoy making the chapters on this story :)

And yes, we are bringing Kathryn Bernard back.

Now to the chapter ^___^


Over the months that passed, you found yourself sticking by the gang and Hiro's side and to be completely honest with no string of lies attached, being with all five them gives you a familiar sensation. The feeling of having someone care for you, but as time worked forward, you began realizing how important the gang are to you. They're like your second family, apart from your uncle of course. It's been a while since somebody actually showed genuine care for you.

You spent most of your free time hanging out with them. Having them around and near you just uplifts your heavy and stressful thoughts, especially if you all are just relaxing and joking around under a cherry blossom, or in the Lucky Cat Cafe, or maybe in Honey Lemon's private working space. Though you have to admit, being in her lab can be far dangerous due to constant explosions erupting there at times. But nonetheless, you still see them as your small little and trustful friends.

Unexpectedly, you and Hiro turned from frenemies to best friends. Sure, you two poke fun at each other, making small insults Herr and there but nothing serious. Yet, despite being officially friends, he's still the annoying and arrogant trouble maker you always knew.

Currently, you two are in his room, playing vide games and not to brag, you are totally beating him. But your little gaming session with him is interrupted when he lashed out on the game like a five year old, shooting long complaints about the video game for making him lose, or so he says. So in the end, you two sat on his unmade bed, listening to the music blasting on your phone while you two go on with your own business. These kind of days were the days you crave. Just relaxing with a close friend of yours, doing nothing.

"Can you stop playing that song? I heard enough of it!" Hiro whines all of sudden, cutting through the quiet as he glares at you.

"What? It's a good song." You said, turning the volume up higher just to annoy him more. And boy, was it working.

"Oh yeah? I got a boy, I got a boy, I got a boy, I got a boy! What the heck is that? It's freaking alien lyrics!"

"It's called KPOP. Get over it." You announced, clicking your tongue.

"And I don't give a single care about it! Now stop playing that song!"

You cursed at Hiro for being the ultimate killjoy of your life as you changed the song, choosing at a random. The tune started and the millisecond it began filling the room with its addicting beat, Hiro groaned and stuffed his face on his pillow.

"Oh no, not that song. Anything but that stupid song!" Hiro moans out, his words muffle due to the pillow.

"What now? I changed the music already, is that not good enough?" You snarled.

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