Chapter Twenty Two: Secret

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Months passed by smoother than you expected, which was high in your suspicion radar. You honestly expected your life to be horribly hazardous and out of control after encountering that revenge thirsty woman. But no, she did not contact you or made any subtle hints that she wanted to know how your progress was going. And your uncle was doing better, he was getting off your tail by keeping in touch with his girlfriend. How he even got one remains a mystery that could never be solved to everyone.

But one thing bothered you.

Hiro and Kathryn.

Okay, fine.

Hiro, Kathryn, and the gang.

You began noticing the improvement with their friendship. They've been hanging out with one another more frequently, much to your dismay. At times, you caught them laughing with each other in the cafe. You felt a strange feeling gnaw your stone hard facade and you're not going to deny it actually hurts to see the people you consider as friends bind without you.

"As if I care." You grumbled, tugging at your [Hair Color] hair. "They could hang out with each other all they want."

I have my phone, WiFi, the internet and food. That's all the company I need to survive this wretched world.

You spent most of your time in the internet now. You've been searching further information about Big Hero Six.

Oh sorry.

Big Hero Seven.

Apparently, another member is included a few months back. Female, assumed age is the same with the leader's, and cocky. It's like the female version of the leader. Bows and arrows with electricity as a weapon.

Talk about Katniss Everdeen wannabe.

"Tell me how you're sleeping easy, how you're only thinking of yourself. . ." You sang under your breathe, scrolling through another article. You clicked exit from the annoying pop up ad and stretched, arching your back on your swivel chair.

You yawned, a hand clamping over your mouth. "What is it?" You asked to no one in particular, turning to the wall clock.

Still early. Might as well get something to eat.

After dressing, you head out to the Lucky Cat Cafe. Maybe I could annoy Hiro. I've been lacking entertainment for a few days now. Okay, erase that, that just sounded sexual.

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