Chapter Twenty Nine: End [1]

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The ensuing silence between the enemies began growing unbearable and almost burdening, the building tension that graced the room with its presence was tangible in the warm and humid air that managed to seep through undetectable passages. Bewilderment and betrayal played on the heroes' faces while the individual showed no remorse to what he had done. None seemed too eager to break the chain of silence and so the man behind all schemes spoke up, this sickening smirk curving its way up to his brims.

Straightening his posture and clothing, Krei raised an eyebrow at all his so called spectators and raised both arms up in the slightest, "Quite surprised?"

Gogo Tomago curled her hands into tight fists and swallowed the nervous lump that unconsciously grew inside her dry throat. "You think?"

(You think ya real cool! You're not! You think ya real coo-o-ol! You're nooot!)

On the other hand, Fred who sported his monster like suit was doing the best impression of a goldfish lost in the great vast ocean. He was pointing awkwardly at the man before him while opening and closing his mouth, still in the state of shock. When he finally got his senses back, he begins stammering, "How are you still here? The news said you were supposed to be in England by now for some business partnership or something like that. Or maybe you're not the real Krei and just an evil duplicate of him, like in the comic I read last month where the scientist made this duplicating machine and the villain stole it for his schemes . . . "

As Fred continued rambling on and on about the plot of the comic, you watched with careful eyes as the whole ordeal begins unfolding before your eyes like an old movie film. Many questions that may have chances of being unanswered bombarded your brain like bullets, but one question stood out most. Fred watched the news? Mind blown.

"Nowadays, we can never really trust the media to give us accurate information." Wasabi commented as he glowers with much intensity at Krei. "Where's your apprentice, Abigail Callaghan?"

Krei scoffs, moving his hand dismissively. "She is no longer necessary to my plans. And besides, why do you want to see her when all you need is me? I am the on behind all of your misfortunes recently." He states proudly as his smirk grew wider, showing off his side that he could never show in public.

Honey Lemon took a step back, shocked by the sudden revelation. "You . . ." She trailed off, voice barely a whisper, "You're the one . . ."

Hiro cut her off by overlapping his voice over hers, tone threateningly low and dangerously hard with spite, ". . . who did all this?" Hiro pointed at you as you held tightly onto the metal bars, a glint of fury evident in his hazelnut brown orbs.

You could feel the burning anger and hatred radiating from the younger Hamada as the corners of his eyes turned to slits. His hands were clenching and unclenching under his command and you could only imagine and dread the horrible things he might do to Krei once he get his hands on him. This was the first time you felt fear caused by Hiro. He looked prepared to kill the living lights out of Krei.

"Indeed," Krei answered, nodding. "I assume you're not fond of my little scheme?"

Hiro took a deep breath before taking a few calculated steps forward. He pointed at Krei, his eyebrows burrowing even further. "What do you think?" He spat out, snarling.

Krei shrugged nonchalantly. "Oh, I actually thought you'd praise me for doing such a great job fooling all of you. But I can't get all the recognition, can I? Why don't you applaud Jiyoon (Y/N) over there? She did everything I commanded her to." Krei cocked his head towards your direction to emphasize your existence and as you shot him a dirty glare, you immediately averted your gaze towards the ground, ashamed by the fact he spouted.

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