Chapter Twenty: The Mystery Man

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You chose to run.

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Remember, the out come of the story depends on your decision. Choosing the wrong decision have some consequences.

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I rushed this chapter so please excuse all the mistakes! Lab you <3


It was as though your alarmed instinct engulfed your whole being in a snap of a finger, causing you to spin around and take off, dragging the pretty brunette behind you. Your heart accelerated in an inhume speed as you glanced over your shoulder, watching as the hooded figure cross the street and chase after you. The sharp dagger he posses in his grasp was quickly hidden away in his dark outfit, away from prying eyes.

Kathryn spewed out relentless questions and curses as you veered expertly through the ocean of people, glancing every now and then to check if you made a good distance between you and the suppose to be killer. Unfortunately, he was just a few steps behind you, his eyes hidden from his hood.

Shoot, shoot, shoot! Hurry (Y/N)! Run faster!

And you did just that. Picking up your pace, you grasped Kathryn's wrist tighter and continued moving forward. You could feel your legs beginning to go numb upon reaching its limit and based on your observation, Kathryn was feeling the same.

"(Y/N)," She wheezed out, huffing, "I can't go on any longer. I have asthma, a. . . really bad one. We. . . I need to. . . take a break."

True to her words, she swatted your iron grip on her wrist and fell on her knees, trying to catch her breathe.

"Kathryn! Get up, we can't stop." You scold her, hoisting her up only to freeze in your spot when you saw a shadow hovering the two of you. Looking up, you saw a man staring at you and Kathryn, his gaze cold despite the hood.

"Who are you?" You snapped, pushing Kathryn behind you.

"I know your plan about killing the Big Hero Six. Why kill such good people who only wants the best for our city? And to think you're better than that, how pathetic of me. I'm sorry but I have to end you, it's one less problem for me. Then after that, I'll go after that no good brat you're taking orders from." The man says, somewhat apologetically.

You shook your head. "W-wait--" You shouted, shaking your head and hands in fear.

"You're so young, why would you kill?" Your eyes dilated in agony when you felt the sharp dagger pierce into your chest, where your heart was located. The pain was too much for your body to make and soon enough, your knees gave up and you fell.

"(Y/N)!" Kathryn's screams but came out muffled.

Despite the blurriness of your vision and the overwhelming pain surging through every fiber of your body, you could still make out Kathryn taking a step back while pleading for her life but her words seem to fall on deaf ears. You saw the man take of his hood but his face was not clear for you to familiarize.

"(Y/N), t-the man! I-I-It's--"

Most people in the verge of death claim they see their whole life flash before their eyes in a mere second or maybe seeing a blinding light from above. Apparently, they were lying because to your horror, the last thing you saw before your heart gave up on you was Kathryn's corpse.


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