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and i wouldn't mind being the guitar actually


After Luke tweeting something that mentioned "Only a few hours left" a lot of fans have been confused and it feels weird being one of the only ones knowing the meaning behind it. I keep scrolling through my twitter, ignoring some of the hate - that I'm getting for literally no reason - and going straight to some of the tweets that are actually song suggestions.

I read some of the tweets as i take small sips of my coffee I bought at Starbucks and wait beside my luggage with my guitar gig bag hanging on my back on the check-in line alone, since Eli had to stay home studying.

I sigh, glancing up from my phone and looking as the queue in front of me is slowly getting smaller and I think about what can possibly happen while I'm with Luke. God, I'm excited to see him but I don't know, so many things could happen.

Shortly after, my thoughts are blocked by a loud cough coming from the man behind me, making me look up rapidly and bite my lip, rushing to the lady behind counter. We both exchange smiles and I give her my documentation and leave my bag over to her. I try not to make a conversation out of this, answering with one word answers when she asks where I'm going and what I'm going to do in the most polite way. I take another sip of my drink and put my stuff inside a pocket attached to the guitar gig bag as I leave the spot, walking towards a full-crowd. I still have one hour until I need to start boarding and get ready for a six hour flight.

I take my phone out of my pocket and text Luke, trying to pass time as I walk through the crowd towards the control.

me: im hungry

lukey: then eat

me: but i need to go thru the control

me: i don't wanna be sitting on the plane for 6 hours:(

lukey: i thought you wanted to see me? :-(

me: this feels like meeting my internet friends for the first time but it's luke hemmings instead okay

me: what will you do once we meet?

lukey: so many things baby girl

Baby girl? Oh, god.

me: what are you up to?

lukey: just taking a small break from some practice

lukey: trying to pass the time

me: sounds fun

lukey: i'll have fun when your with me

me: you're

lukey: agnes, just like the first day, correcting me

lukey: mike will drive us and i'll try to sneak around while he waits in the car

me: is he a good driver?

lukey: he is okay, ashton couldn't drive me so it was my only option

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