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love me bc here it is, what everyone *cough cough* ME *cough* has been waiting for (soft smut) + read a/n at the end bc important af !!


lukey: did you actually say yes?

me: yeah

lukey: are you mixing medicines?


me: do you want to?

lukey: do you?

me: i mean... if you do, i just have never done it

lukey: oh my god of course i want to do it

lukey: i have wanted this for so long, agnes you are so hot

me: thank you luke

lukey: fuck how do we do it ?

me: i should be the one stressing the fuck out, just do it like you've done it with the other girls

lukey: no, i want it to be special

lukey: you are more special to me than all those other girls

I read carefully over and over, blushing deeply. Am I actually doing this? I mean, this cannot be that bad, I like him a lot and he himself said he liked me.

lukey: have you ever touched yourself before agnes?

me: only a few times

lukey: okay, well you only have to find your spot and rub there

lukey: god i am so hard for this already

lukey: i don't want to pressure you, are you sure you want to do this?

I take off my shirt after making sure I lock my door, even if Eli is out with Nick - you never know when they plan on coming back. I smirk a bit at my choice of a bra today; a white one with some lace details around it. I push away all my insecure thoughts and snap a picture of my chest, sending it to Luke instantly. I fall on my bed, waiting for his reaction.

me: *picture*

me: i'm sure

lukey: oh my fucking god

lukey: you are so hot

lukey: and you're all mine

me: i can't believe i'm actually doing this

lukey: are you okay?

me: yes, i want this

lukey: *picture*

My eyes widen at the sigh of what he sent me. I didn't remember it this way, this... big? Though, the first thing I got from him to begin with was a similar picture. I bite my lower lip slightly and start to type.

me: oh

lukey: are you already doing it?

me: getting started

lukey: babygirl imagine my fingers doing it, imagine them rubbing you fast but soft

me: oh god

lukey: baby, can i have another picture?

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