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ik what you're thinking "STFU BiTCH IM TRYNNA READ THIS SHIT OF A CHAPTER" but this i'll take a minute. the girl on the picture above is the girl i casted as agnes (but i mean cast whoever tf u want). so i found the pic of this girl (who is goals) on weheartit, if you know her name then tell me pls
btw i wasn't even supposed to update today but sooooo manyyyyyy people wanted thiiiiis and i was like 'ok children love me now'
okay ily now u can read


me: good morning sunshine

me: it is 5pm in nyc and i want to talk to someone

lukey: morning agssss

lukey: how did your date go?

me: again, it was not a date luke

me: sebastian is very attractive but i don't like him that way

lukey: did he try something?

me: and you want me to be honest but you won't like it

lukey: he kissed you, didn't he?

me: he was going to but i stopped him because i like somebody else

me: and it is not him

lukey: and who is it?

me: crushes are meant to be kept secret, maybe you'll have to get to know me a bit more ;)

lukey: then it's time to know each other more

me: oh god what do you have in mind

lukey: is there something important about you that i should get to know if we're gonna met?

I sigh, looking down at my hip. Maybe I should tell him about it, he is going to find out anyways.

me: this is a very long thing but it's kinda important since you will notice once we actually meet

me: i don't usually tell this but okay

lukey: i feel special and i have time for you to tell me

me: it's hard to explain it by text but i'll try to do my best

me: so as a twin i wasn't alone in my mother's belly, i had this alien creature beside of me named elliot. and he was a slightly bigger baby so his leg pushed one side of my hip for too many months and i was born with my hip slightly pushed in further than the normal which affected one of my thighs and it sometimes makes me walk different and weird

me: as a toddler i had to go through some surgeries to attempt to fix it and they gave me pain killers and random pills to fix it

lukey: did it work?

me: for the most part, i mean they couldn't fix it completely bc my body was like that, but i didn't have that many problems until i was thirteen

me: i wasn't allowed to run, and if i had to run it had to be for a short period and even now it isn't a good idea for me to run or go for long walks which is shitty

lukey: that must be tough

me: yeah, it was a bit

me: but it got worse when they changed my medication and gave me another pill that made me fall into depression for a year and a half when i was fifteen and i still take pills for my bones, one of the pills giving me insomnia

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