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@agneslouisebloom: thanks for the shoutout?

@agneslouisebloom: you honestly didn't have to at all but it was very nice of you. it wasn't necessary but i guess now a lot of your fans are following me

@agneslouisebloom: anyways, thanks again

me: luke are you still there???

luke: yeah, babygirl

me: okay, babyboy

me: why do we do this omg

luke: what are you doing tonight

me: eli is probably gonna make me go to a party

luke: its thursday

me: so?

luke: baby you love the party life

me: i don't have any issues with it

me: but idk i much rather be at home than partying today

me: plus the fact that i will thirdwheel since nick will be around

luke: and nick is?

me: eli's boyf

luke: okay so eli is dating nick

luke: your teacher is after you

me: he is not after me

me: i'm not dating anyone or planning to date anyone in my school

luke: agnes baby

me: luke tell me

luke: can we keep playing

luke: i have new questions

me: sure i have 30 minutes til i need to get ready, entertain me

luke: do you have any piercings?

me: i in fact do

me: i have my belly button pierced (it was a dare) and i have a few on my ear

luke: belly button piercings are sexy as fuuuck

me: do you have any piercings

me: i do not want to know if your dick or balls are pierced if so just dont tell me!!!!

luke: i have a lip piercing

luke: wait you can pierce your dICK?

me: of course you can idiot

me: but that has to sting like a mother fucker tho

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