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I wake up serene, hiding my face with my pillow as I reach to grab my phone from the night stand. The cracked screen shows the time. I still have seven minutes before my alarm is meant to go off, I sigh in relief because it is honestly the best feeling ever.

I turn my body, stretching my legs from the small ball I had curled up into last night, and I feel a hand rest in the small of my back making me look up to find Luke dead asleep. His mouth hangs open slightly making me chuckle softy as my eyes struggle to open all the way.

The material covering my body, or most of it, is warm and with a unfamiliar scent, still it gives me those butterflies you hear people talk about when they fall in love, it's Luke's shirt. I remember getting into a small argument about it last night. I kept telling him that I didn't need to, but he kept saying back that it looked good on me and I could just give in and throw it on, but now I really can't complain.

I drown in my thoughts, glancing away from him and now looking at the balcony's door covered by a curtain as light carefully peeks through. Last night went well, we didn't stay up for long and I fell asleep quickly. He didn't really notice much about my hip, though I did try to hide it even if he already knows all about it, or most of it. He probably forgot about it, but I expect him to bring the subject up once I flash him the scar.

The familiar sound of the Gravity Falls' theme songs fills my ears and I quickly reach to get my phone as I feel the body next to me groan and shift softly before his arms wrap around my torso, bringing me closer to him than I've ever been, which only causes me to let a giggle out.

"Morning," He mumbles softy, "We have to wake up now?"

"Good Morning," I smile. "I have to, you don't." I tell him, turning to face his morning features. Flat hair and blue eyes slowly getting wider. I bring my phone up to go over my text messages and he just watches my gentle moves.

"Your phone screen is broken." He points out, his head still on the crook of my neck staring as I respond to Eli's text message.

"I dropped it at an All Time Low concert, but I was too busy yelling to care." I shrug, wrinkling my nose and making him chuckle. He softly peeks my cheek and I blush deeply before the next kiss lands on my lips as he rips off the sheets from my body, making me break the kiss by biting my lip.

His hand traces down by thighs and lands over my scar, pushing the fabric away and softly drawing circles over it.

"It isn't really as bad as you made it to be, I like it."

"You like a scar?" I sigh shaking my head as I keep a small smile, "I was trying to avoid the subject."

"You don't need to hide it. Like I told you, your body is perfect."

"Ugh, shut up." I say before connecting our lips again.

"Morning breath is really not attractive." I chuckle, breaking the kiss as he pouts.

"Babe, you have to accept all my flaws." He grins and I playfully roll my eyes.

I get up from the bed and  stretch my arms once I've completely escaped Luke's grip. I disappear with my phone to the toilet going through my music and pressing shuffle as I let a Green Day song play loudly. I leave my phone of the counter to brush my teeth and get ready, soon hearing Luke's footsteps coming entering the bathroom.

I look at him from the mirror as I open my makeup bag. He stands by the door frame, smirking lightly with only his black jeans on.

"As much as I love that shirt on you, I can't just go outside like this." I turn around to face him and send him a challenging smirk.

"Wait outside, I need to change."

"Nothing I haven't seen yet, Agnes." He grins, making me blush deeply and let another giggle far off my lips. I playfully hit his chest and he raises his arms protesting as he waits outside the bathroom.

I shake my head at his childness and take off my shirt, having it on the toilet seat and put a bra on as well as a black skater skirt and a beige tank top. I walk out handing him the shirt as he sits on the bed scrolling through his phone, the color in his face seeming like it drowned a bit, making me worried.

"Something wrong?" I ask and he quickly looks up shaking his head and shrugging it off.

"I like this song," He smiles as Kaleidoscope starts playing in the background and I smile back, "Do you have to play today? I want to stay with you and talk and be with you."

"Playing piano is basically the reason why i'm here, I can't just don't go. Besides today might just be one of the busiest day I have. Meetings with the staff, meeting my family and playing." I say, sighing as I get to the end. "I need to finish getting ready." I add walking back to the bathroom as he follows behind like a lost puppy.

"We could meet up for dinner with the boys or something." He suggests as I apply a little bit of makeup to my face and listen to him as the music in the background fills in the quiet pauses. I flash a smile that is returned as I nod.

I fix the last details of my makeup before I feel a pair of hands at my hips and someone's warm lips being attached to my neck softly.

"And I'll be late." I sigh, enjoying the moment with Luke as long as it can possibly last.

"Is there something that could make you stay?" He turns me around and kisses my cheek. I gasp at the feeling of both, his warm lips and the cold metal wrapped around the bottom one. He continues his small kisses and God, do I wish I could stay here with him, but I can't.

"Lu," His lips are then placed on mine, "I really can't. Don't you have you celebrity things to do like every other celebrity?" I grin and he grins back, kissing me again.

"If I wait this many hours to see you again, it better be worth the wait."


*twitter:* @5SOSUpdates: Luke spotted with famous Instagram singer Agnes Louise Bloom at LAX *picture*


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