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y0 from now on some chapters will not be only texts you'll see okayyy


luke: its not that common ya know

me: thanks for the help i feel a lot better

me: im leaving you i have to study

luke: hey dont go

luke: i dont care if you are a virgin or not

luke: it just feels weird ya know

luke: you've seen my dick

me: luke, srslly go away and sext fucking kayla

me: i dont care about your dick i only care about my grades rn okay

me: and if you wouldnt have asked your ridiculous question this couldve gone a lot better ya know

luke: i didnt mean it that way, i feel bad rn

me: what do you want me to do? look i dont care if you know it, i honestly dont mind but im srs that i have to study rn

luke: are you mad

me: i need to study now luke

me: ill text you tomorrow please i have to do this

luke: promise you will

me: sure i promise but please

luke: sorry agnes

me: please dont

"Fucking Hell, Elisabeth! Keep it down, I need to study!" I shout as the moans coming from the room I'm sharing walls with get higher.

He had to ask that, out of everything. He is just so nosey, but I guess that's how he is. I've been talking to stranger, what the hell am I supposed to do?

He knows I am a virgin now, and that my name is Agnes, and my age and current location, and right now I am just mad at him. You don't just ask that to someone you met by a wrong text, to be more obvious a sext. A dick pic, thinking I was one of his little whores, let's just say Kayla.

And for the cherry on top, my best friend is having sex with her, so called, boyfriend in her room that is right beside mine and my tea is literally shaking on my desk. I guess they just started because I just noticed they moans and whimpers once I stopped with Luke.

I just cant belive he'd do that, it's so annoying.

"Oh my God, please faster!"

"Ew, you guys! I'm right beside and the walls are shit! Plus, I need to study!" I knock on the wall earning a little bit of quietness from them and I sit back down, opening my book again and taking a sip of my tea.

"S-sorry, Agn— Oh my God, right there!" Elisabeth says through the thin walls and I roll my eyes as the tiny silence disappears again.

I honestly rather be talking to Luke than hearing this.

After what seems like ten minutes or something of me doing a pretty okay job studying, the moans don't disappear. It's like they went for round two, three and four if that's even possible.

I groan and pick up my phone to listen to a bit of music, trying to block out the never ending sounds. I press my finger over the round button and stare confused at the screen.

Missed FaceTime Call (14)

What the actual Hell?

How did this happen in such a little period of time? We literally stopped talking like twenty minutes ago.

I look way too ad right now to call him on FaceTime, plus that I don't want him to see my face, so I text him instead.

me: 14 facetime calls?

me: dont you have anything better to do?

luke: hey, this is a friend of luke's, he is kinda drunk right now

luke: we literally just got to the party and he is not at all sober anymore

me: a drunk luke?

me: i feel sorry for everyone around him

luke: he has been talking for a while but he just passed out

luke: he told people that you promised to text him tomorrow

me: take him home please

luke: i will

me: thanks for telling me then, i guess ill have to text him tomorrow

luke: i guess


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